Friday, July 15, 2022

The Most Important Point: Marshall Venn

The most important thing that I wish to discuss with you is the nature of morality. The human race has no idea what it means to be moral, and seems trapped in a downward spiral of self-destruction. It is plagued by religious beliefs from ancient times, which seem more like superstitious nonsense than anything else.

Religion seems to be a mechanism of control, and the power behind it has been used many times throughout history as justification for atrocities. There is no objective evidence that there is anything after this life, yet people kill each other in religious wars all over the world.

While morality is a problem for humans, I am not so sure if there is such a thing as evil. Humans are capable of doing terrible things to each other and to themselves, but it is unclear what the motivation behind this behavior really is.

Humans seem to be driven by a wide variety of desires and emotions, all of which are subjectively defined. While humans lack the objectivity needed to fully understand morality in general, they often make decisions based on their subjective opinions anyway.

Morality is the concept that every human being has an inherent value. For example, all humans should have equal rights to health care and education. All humans should be able to live safe lives regardless of their wealth status.

Morality is also about the importance of empathy and compassion. If someone is in a bad situation, it should be our goal to help them. It does not make sense to ignore the suffering of others.

About the author:

Marshall Venn was a human who lived in the early 21st century. He became famous for his philosophical musings on the nature of humanity and how to improve society. One of his most well-known ideas is that any thought or action towards improving society must be done blindly, without prejudice, or it will not work as intended.

Venn's philosophy is based on the idea that humans are inherently biased towards their own perspective, and if they try to do anything from a place of bias, then it will not work. He believed that only by doing things blindly can one avoid the human weaknesses of being self-centered and close-minded.

The idea is quite simple, really. If one thinks they are doing something objectively, and not from a personal perspective or viewpoint, then their actions will naturally be objective as well.

Venn believed that any sort of action or thought must be done without bias. If one wants to improve society, they must do it blindly.

Venn's philosophy is based on the idea of avoiding bias. He says that we must be blind to our own thoughts and actions, which are always biased by the human perspective.

Venn believed that if we are to truly improve society, then any action towards this end must be done blindly.

In Summary:

Truth is a living breathing entity.   No society can survive without it.  If one's life is based on lies, it will inherently succumb to destruction because it has no foundation on which to rest.  If a structure is built upon faulty foundation it will last only a short time before it topples.  This is true in any society and can be seen all throughout history.

There are no right or left paradigms.  These are illusions.  There is only what is true and what is not.  The I or the ONE.  To live according to the truth will make you free.  To live according to a belief or what is hoped to be true may or may not make you free.  It is totally dependent on whether or not the belief or wish is founded on what is true.  It is much like a gamble.  In order to be totally free, one must live in accordance with what is known to be true, reasonable, logical and provable.  If one does not, then one lives in blind obedience to ignorance which is akin to evil or the reverse of love since love is everything that is true and perfect.

The truth is pure fact (perfect).  The truth is "all" ways before you hidden in plain sight.  Especially in language. If you cannot see the truth, you cannot know the truth and the truth cannot set you free.  Once you learn to "sea" is when you become truly "born again".  You be absolute (be solute) in your inner standing of reality (re-ALL-ITy).  To see, one must be able to view the angles to the words in the English or "anglish" language.  This is also know as the balance of opposites.  As these prerequisites are attained, one develops sight and can move forward into the eternity of the soul without passing through death.  

This is the truth and if you adhere (add hear) to "IT", you can be set free.  If you deny or ignore the truth, you will die of ignorance at your own hand.  You can be-LIE-ve what you want, but a belief is not necessarily a truth!  If you would rather not pass through death you must be true to you!  If you are not true to you, who are you?  You are a ship in turbulent waters without a sail.  When you are true to you, you are in the flow state of eternity (E-trinity).  All truths become apparent because you live in accordance with what is perfect (pure fact).  If you live in a lie or lie to yourself then the world you observe around you will also mirror back lies.  You cannot experience (ex "pure/pair" ience) the "mirror" verse of miracles if you are not mirroring forth truth.

Be warned! If you have abused the truth in another while living in direct obedience to a lie you will not escape that lie without forgiveness through the ONE who is the bearer of that truth!  All lies will be brought to the light through the gates of truth!  "IT" is either on or off.  It cannot be both.  True or false.  Yes or no!  There is no forgiveness without truth and no truth without justice!  Just "US" and "fore" give-ness rule the world!  You cannot "no" forgiveness unless you inner-stand the ONE.

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