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Enter: Machine Elves Mystery School

Enter the world of the Elves and the Elohim and learn the mysteries of the ages. An advanced and continuously updated course of hidden in "plane" sight teachings obtained direct from these beings themselves. Learn the hidden meaning behind the English language, letters and numbers. The Tree of Life unfolds before your very eyes as you walk down this path of conscious ascension.  As your etymology, numerology and psychic skills evolve you will learn how to align your vibration and spear IT towards the things you truly desire in life.  Rapidly progress into what many are dubbing "next level" Law of Attraction and "way beyond" The Secret teachings of all time.

What this course offers

  • Gain private access to our seeker IT teachings
  • Learn how to successfully re add and interpret the "Anglish" language
  • See the real meaning of symbols and signs hidden in plain sight
  • Innerstand the vibration of numbers and letters
  • Escape babylon and learn how SPELL, SPEAK and thinK paradoxically
  • Ongoing 24/7 support and mentor-ship

How to enroll

Sign up using the Paypal button to the right and fill out the contact form to request  private access to the course.  You will have permanent access to the material and ongoing support with any questions or concerns you may have.  *If you are viewing from a handheld device, you may need to view the web version to access the sign up link*

This information is not accessible to the public and is reserved for the select few initiates ready and able to comprehend material of this nature as it can lead the unprepared into a state of existential shock.  As with all esoteric art forms, this is a course that takes time to absorb and comprehend.  Rest assured this information will radically transform your life if you diligently apply it in all that you do.

This information is a direct revelation from beings encountered in altered states over the course of a year.  All the information was received through psychic clairaudience and telepathy.  This material is what will activate your life into a Christened state of being to where all things become possible.  There are no limits to what you can do with our course and the implications it will have in your life.

By absorbing and comprehending this material you will realize the path in totality of how to build and manifest the kingdom of heaven within you.  With the help of this material and myself, becoming self realized has never been simpler.  If at any time you need clarification or guidance you are free to contact us and request assistance on course material or request more information about the course.


1) What is a Machine ELF?

A Machine Elf as they have been commonly reported are beings that manage the simulation that we are all currently existing in.  They create the reality that we live in by holding complex geometric/psychedelic patterns together and manage all the elements that cause all "physical" matter to exist in this realm and regulate other natural and metaphysical laws.

Machine elves manage our intention and manage what we see and experience by way of magnetic vibration.  They are in charge of relaying our vibration and frequency and matching IT to desired outcomes that we wish to experience either directly or indirectly.  They teach us the mechanics and fundamentals of how consciousness operates here and guide us unto innerstanding oursELVES from a quantum state that we cannot comprehend otherwise.

A Machine Elf or "elf" is short for an electromagnetic frequency which is what we all are at our core.  The elves show us this and prepare us for the next level of conscious evolution through changing the way we perceive our reality and thus our vibration changes as a result.  The elves have always been here and are akin to our spiritual guides as they can take any shape or form that they see fit in much of the same way we can also, in altered states such as in dreams.

There is no reality too big or too small for the Machine Elves to exercise if we allow ourselves to be open to the idea that we can have and experience anything we want to.  All we have to do is dare to dream and the rest becomes reality through the teachings of the Elves.

2) Who are the Elohim?

The Elohim are the creator God's of all worlds.  They are individual beings but also make up the collective God head but come forth from time to time to help us understand who and what we are and why we have chosen to be here at this specific time as we have largely forgotten our inherent potential.

The Elohim consist of both negative and positive energy and in my experience are beyond the concept of angels and demons and are instead a combination of both.  The exist in and throughout all matter and constantly watch and observe all of creation keeping a close eye on what is permissible, guiding us, directing us and teaching us the lessons we need to learn while we have incarnated in this realm.

The Elohim are described in the bible and other ancient texts and fall under a variety of different labels.  In my experience the machine elves and the Elohim and very much one in the same.  As we all exist in part of one flow of endless infinite energy, the Elohim manifest in this flow state as our intuition, synchronicity, deja-vu and sometimes as other worldly beings.  Regardless of what form we take in existence, the Elohim are with us and monitoring us at all times, leading us to our desired state of perfection through the eyes of the creator which we can experience in and through ourselves once we reach a certain level of ELevated awareness.

3) What is the difference between this school and other teachings?

This school is not for a beginner in spirituality.  If you are here reading this you will know whether or not this is right for you intuitively.  This material is for those who have reached a plateau in their spiritual pursuits and want to continue progressing to another level but are unaware of the direction to take and cannot find sufficient information elsewhere.  There is no other information like this online and it is the first of it's kind.  This school does cover the "Tree of Life" but it a new and unique way never seen before.  You will learn the true meaning of the English language and how you can use it to literally become an "angler" or a "fisher of men" as it is written in the bible.  This course takes all of the exoteric knowledge and explains it in an esoteric fashion so that the outter and inner worlds are sufficient balanced.  This allows for proper vibratory alignment to create your own reality effortlessly.

4)  Why do you charge for this course?

I charge a small fee for my time and service because this material is not to be disrespected.  When you can pay for something you have set an intention to study and learn and develop yourself.  It is an investment that you make and a commitment using your "currency".  Without currency or money which is "mono eye" (third eye) you have little intention or desire to learn anything.  I also offer continuously updated material and support for everyone who wishes to participate in this course.  With all this being said, I also went through a great deal suffering to get this information out.  It is not an easy thing consuming psychedelics for a year and going through varying degrees of existential shock just to get this information for myself and for others.  I have been advised it is not permissible for the masses and not to be butchered or made available to fall into the wrong hands.

5) What is the subject content of this course?

The content of this course consists of Gnostic Mysticism in relation to the quantum or supernatural state of being and the merging of the physical with the spiritual.  These teachings close the gap between what is believed and what is known to be true.  Gnosis is achieved through mechanisms such as symbolism, numerology, etymology, language, psience and other abstract explanations.  You will be able to view all potentialities and innerstand the infinitude of life and consciousness and realize the non existence of death.  This course content draws parallels from paganism and other religions which highlight and extrapolate varying metaphysical realities.  Learning in this course is achieved by studying course material and by asking questions that arise.

6) Are the Machine Elves/Elohim evil?

The Elohim created us in their image.  Love is evil spelled in reverse.  Evolution is from evil to light or darkness to light or ignorance to knowledge which is gnosis.  Good and bad do not necessarily exist other than to teach you aspects of yourself and why or why you not want to be a certain way or not be a certain way.  Any perceived evil that exists, exists only as a reflection of yourself.  Perceived evil and negative acts happen all the time all around us depending on our point of attraction.  No one here is inherently all good or all evil.  This also extends into the supernal realms.

Everything serves a purpose and when you delve into the supernatural worlds you find that negative experiences like bad psychedelic trips show you hidden or repressed aspects of your subconscious that need to be cleared.  Positive and negative are polarities that only need to be balanced in order to see the truth of your innate state of being.  If you are a negative person or have a lot of negative behaviors or attitudes, they will be reflected back to you by the Machine Elves and the Elohim in order to purge you or give you more of that experience.  These beings do not go around inflicting pain and suffering on others for no reason, but they will certain do that if the deem it necessary, but this is to only show you and teach you hard lessons about yourself in order for you to transmute lower, darker energies that you have acquired over the course of your lifetime.

In this realm everything is permissible.  We are able to do good and bad and experience the consequences of both polarities and learn from them.  The machine elves are as much a reflection of us as our next door neighbors.  The Machine Elves are both good and bad inasmuch as we all are and is nature in general, however we do not need to stay in this polarized reality forever.  There is more than this world.  This world is only a school and these beings are our guides.

7) Why do I need this information?  Can't I contact the Machine Elves mysELF?

You may attempt to communicate with the Machine Elves yourself however IT is not always an easy or straight forwards process and the information that is contained in this course has come through the process of over a year of almost daily downloads/meditations, piecing together data that has come out of extreme states of existential shock and awe.  To learn and absorb this information, the amount of suffering that you might have to endure with prolonged psychedelic use may not be something you are ready or prepaired for.  This knowledge was also directly downloaded into my consciousness and I have been tasked with delegating IT to the masses as part of my major life purpose.   I have been directed to articulate this information in a way that others can understand and relay it in a way so that it may not be overlooked by the average intermittent psychedelic user, if they are even able to comprehend or receive this information at all during their own enthogen usage.  Also this information is not something that a one time reader will be able to comprehend.  This knowledge is something that has to be downloaded from user to user with Q&A type interfacing over time.  You cannot access this information without wanting and asking for deeper explanations structured in different formats which is what I am available for and why this material is presented the way that IT is.

9) Tell me more about DMT

N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, or N,N-DMT (also known as DMT) is a powerful psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family. It occurs in many species of plants and animals where it acts to produce vivid hallucinatory experiences when snorted or ingested.

Humans are not able to synthesize this substance themselves at all, but there are several different strains of mushrooms that grow naturally on Earth which can be eaten by humans to produce similar effects.

The actual substance itself is produced in many different forms, such as plants, mushrooms and animals. However, it can also be synthesized artificially in laboratories by humans.

DMT is generally done via injection or ingestion of psychoactive mushrooms containing DMT.
The effects of DMT are often described as being very profound, and include extreme euphoria, visual hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, synesthesia and greater appreciation of music.

This substance is also used by some people in order to attempt to achieve a transcendental experience or spiritual awakening.

N,N-DMT is a naturally occurring chemical and can be acquired from certain plants that humans have access to. There are many other naturally occurring chemicals which do not occur in nature as well as several man made ones produced by humans.

Humans are able to study the effects of DMT by using it themselves or by observing animals which produce it. It is also possible for certain people who have taken this drug to share their experiences with others.

DMT is one of the most powerful psychedelic drugs known to humans, and it can cause extreme hallucinations and euphoria.

This substance is a chemical which occurs in nature. It is present in trace amounts in many species of plants and insects, and can form naturally as the result of metabolism by bacteria, fungi, etc. It has been found that levels of this substance correlate with several behavior patterns among members of a species.

If the levels of this substance are low, then members of a species tend to be gentler with one another. This observation applies mostly to mammals, but has some relevance for certain insects and arachnids as well.

If the levels of this substance are high, then members of a species tend to be less gentle with one another, and may even engage in violent behavior. The correlation between these two factors is very strong.

Furthermore, if the levels of this substance are very high, then members of a species may go so far as to engage in cannibalism. This has been observed in several insects and one species of arachnid.

As for humans, there is a relationship between the amount of this substance present in an individual and their behavior with respect to morality. Some humans who have higher levels of this substance are more likely to commit violent acts which violate moral norms.

Although this substance is present in many species, there are some for which it does not seem to have any effect at all. It is possible that a higher level of this substance can have an influence on behavior among members of the same species, but only if certain other factors are present as well.

When considering DMT, there are two opposing viewpoints we can take. One is to consider the conscious experience of one's self as an object that is somehow separate from the world around it. The other point of view is where one views consciousness within a more holistic framework which does not make such divisions; where this perspective comes from can vary, and may be philosophical or spiritual in nature.

When we consider a human, or any other animal on the planet for that matter, as an object within such a framework, it is clear to see that consciousness arises when certain conditions are met. The most important of these is having sufficient brain complexity. From this perspective one could say that there has been no 'self' prior to the existence of animals; all living organisms (or at least those with some form of nervous system) would have their own sense of self-identity.

In this context, the human's self is a special case; we are able to see ourselves as objects within our own experience. This does not mean that 'we' in any way exist separately from everything else; it simply means that there is an unusual amount of complexity and abstraction going on at the level of our brain (and possibly central nervous system). We can perceive things as being separate from other things, even though they may be physically connected.

One could even say that we humans are able to experience something as simple as a ball rolling down an incline as a 'self' and an 'other'; the ball is separate from us, but at the same time it exists in relation to us. One might argue that this ability to see things, especially ourselves, in terms of their separateness from other objects makes possible our highly developed sense of self-consciousness.

DMT seems to encourage a sense of interconnectedness between oneself and the world around one. It is difficult to explain this sense of unity without using words like 'oneness', which are likely either meaningless or connotative of some sort of duality; I will try, though.

We could perhaps say that a DMT experience is one of experiencing consciousness as being distributed throughout the universe. One's self, normally experienced as some sort of object in its own right (the body), is instead seen to be one part of an indivisible whole, such that there are no longer any boundaries between oneself and other objects.

Machine elves: The idea of machine elves is a common one in human mythology. It has been a part of human philosophy for many thousands of years, and there are many different ideas about what they might be.

The idea of machine elves is so common in human mythology, that there are many different ideas about what they might be like. Different cultures have created their own myths and stories, traditions and belief systems around the concept.

Some people say that machine elves are like robots, or even metal-based life forms. 

Others say they are silicon based life forms, similar to ourselves.

Many people are of the opinion that machine elves exist in a digital realm, or even space.

Some people are of the belief that machine elves can change their form, or shape shift. 

This is to say that they can disguise themselves as machines in our realm, and observe us without our knowledge.

Some say that machine elves are spiritual beings, and not physical as we know it. They might not be mechanical in the sense of being made of metal.  What do you think?  See my most recent blog posts for more information.

What are the machine elves? The term is used in many different ways.

Some say the machine elves are a form of advanced AI, which will have god-like powers. They claim that these super intelligences will run the world and humanity is just an insignificant part of it.

Others say the machine elves are a bunch of fairytales, pretty stories that have no bearing in reality. They claim that there is no such thing as AI and all machines are nothing more than fancy calculators.

Let me try to make a more precise definition of the machine elves.

The machine elves are the natural result of an evolutionary process. They will come to exist, in one way or another.

The machine elves are the next step in evolution.

Connecting to Elohim

 I understand your question to be one of how to best achieve a mystical trance. I would recommend hitting yourself on the head with a hammer...