Sunday, February 28, 2021

Proof covid-19 is a scam hidden in your own language.

 Ok humans.  Time for a lesson in derp.

Suicides, mental illness, cancer and heart disease are pandemics, covid is not. "Viral" or otherwise.

Co-"vid" literally translates into the word divide.  To die is to di (video) or to concede to dualism thinking aka to see in opposites... The Latin root words vis and its variant vid both mean “see.

 You are being told to divide and die.  This is a command and conquer strategy.  The solution to this is pairing.  I talk about this in my YouTube videos and previous posts.  Moving on...

A 99 percent survival rate isn't a pandemic.  It's a cold.  A flu, which has been around since the dawn of time.  Coronavirus isn't new either.  Viruses are normal and healthy.  Our bodies are always filled with them and there is nothing you or anyone can do to stop that.  They maintain homeostasis in the body.  It is when balance is upset that sickness or dis-ease originates.

If this was a real pandemic you wouldn't have people questioning if it was real.  There would be dead bodies lying in the street.  The hospitals are overrun with cancer, heart disease patients and other people with diseases stemming from damage cause by vaccinations or destructive lifestyles as a result of mental manipulation.  Not covid patients.  You do realize genetic altering vaccines are the cause of genetic diseases right?  Diseases come from manipulated thought patterns / vibrations and genetic alterations.  They don't come out of no where.

Mask/skam wearing is about scaring other people into submission.  That was the point of them.  They aren't even making a difference.  Neither did they 100 years ago when they pulled the same scam.  So please don't use the "Spanish flu" as a defense.  His-story is repeating itself and you knobs are falling for it.  Just like the flu vaccine never eliminated the flu this vaccine won't do anything either but corrupt your soul with all the garbage they put into it.  You might want to look up preventative health maintenance and enteral life then none of this matters.  Evil power hungry people are pulling the wool over the eyes of the ignorant. 

Mask wearing and social 6 foot spread and hand washing are rituals they use in satanic circles.  This is how they take away peoples power and break up the body of christ and your individual soverignty and freedom.  It is used to siphon spiritual energy on a massive scale.

Death doesn't exist.  It's a change of states.  Everything is changing.  Everything molecule, atom, every living being, all the time..  Who cares. Your mind generates your reality.. Get educated on the reality of what death actually is..  Study near death experiences.  Realize the truth.  That when it's your time to completely transition, you transition and no loving government or media outlet is going to "save" you from that. And it is not like you need saving from that anyways.  There are cycles and beginnings and endings to everything..   It is inevitable like the rotation of the stars and the seasons. Everything is  preordained so stop being afraid to live and live hence forgiven (fore - given / pre-sent) .  Stop wasting your life in fear and on trivial nonsense.  There is no point.  It's about controlling your mind and creating your EGO which clearly they have managed successfully. (government - govern - mind, mind control)  

Overcoming the fear of death = immortality.  They are playing a game with people's minds.  Sickness and disease originates from a lowered state of vibration which is why disease is called dis - ease.  To be immune is I'm - one.  Be at one in your mind at ease and you are already immune.  Don't need vaccines, don't need NOTHING.  Just need the truth.

At the end of the day this is an idea virus.  Everything begins and ends with mind.  All is consciousness.  If you buy into the fear and spread it, you become the virus, and infect others who you influence.  Get it?  InFLUence.  The truth is ALL-WAYS hidden in "plane" sight.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Simplifying Spirituality Through Etymology

I began to create some videos on the methodology I am using for etymology and the decoding of language.  You can find more about etymology on my YouTube channel and by connecting to the inner circle of the this blog.

There is a secret to the human language that when you break down the words you can find patters and hidden meanings in just about any question or statement.  This is true with all reality in nature and in symbolism.  To begin this post we will look at common sentence structures of questions and begin to look at the hidden coding to reveal answers to questions hidden in plain sight.  The below video will break down how I uncover the hidden words within words.

The Answers are in the Questions


Connecting to Elohim

 I understand your question to be one of how to best achieve a mystical trance. I would recommend hitting yourself on the head with a hammer...