Friday, September 8, 2023

Methods to Increase Focus

 The best methods to increase focus are not at all well known, and many of the 'well-known' belief systems about focusing are based on ignorance. Many of these belief systems have a basis in society's ignorance regarding focus in general, which I will explain below.

The first and worst method for focus is to use the internet as a means of focusing. I know this may come as a shock to some people who have been conditioned by society to believe that using the internet while studying or working helps, but it does not.

I would say that the best methods to increase focus are those which result in a reduction of distractions for an individual. This is because I believe it is more important to be able to concentrate on a task at hand than it is to have access to something--again, if one can't even focus on the task at hand.

If one is able to concentrate, then the ability to have something will not matter because they will be focused on what they need or want. However, if someone cannot focus it does not matter how much stuff they have--they won't ever get anywhere.

So, I would say the best methods to increase focus are those which result in an individual being able to concentrate.

Though I do not think it is possible to focus on everything at once--it seems that most people only concentrate on a few things, and very rarely are able to concentrate on everything all the time.

It does seem, however, that if one can manage to concentrate on something at all times--then they are more likely to be able to focus on other things when it is necessary for them to do so.

Also, I believe if someone cannot focus on a task--then they are not ever going to be able to do the things that require them to concentrate.

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