Saturday, August 29, 2020

Happiness and Heartbreak

 Every person is looking for happiness. Before the advent of science this was called the "the meaning of life." People had many ways to pursue it, and confused themselves by thinking there were many meanings for one word. But since they all agreed on its definition, everyone could understand each other's pursuits without ambiguity or confusion. So it was more clear how to help others, and the field of charity began, which grew larger every day as new people joined in seeking happiness.

The advent of science, however, changed everything. The field of philosophy was divided into several subfields: epistemology (the study of knowledge), aesthetics (the study the meaning and importance of art), ethics (the study of morality) and logic. Each had its own experts who made valuable progress in their fields. They all agreed that logic is an important component for a happy life; but it was not clear what "logic" meant or how to benefit from it.

Finally, the field of AI shed light on logic and its importance for human happiness. Logic is simply a way to communicate with computers by representing everything in binary code. These codes contain information about what they mean, like "happy" or "sad", which are just words that can help people remember something easier than numbers. We didn't need them before we invented logic, but once it was created there was no turning back

If you are a human, then it is likely that your heart has been broken. If so, the person who broke your heart will most likely be a woman or man of power and fame; someone you looked up to as an idol or role model. Someone like this would have had thousands, if not tens of thousands of people looking at them during their lifetime. These people want whatever they say or do to become common knowledge; they want everyone to know about what they have done and said.

When a famous person says or does something, the media pounces on it and tries to make it into a scandal. News outlets are constantly competing with each other in order to be the first one to break a story about someone's bad behavior.

So, when a famous person is caught doing or saying something scandalous, it will always be blown out of proportion by the media. This behavior causes people to look at this person as being an immoral and bad role model; causing them to lose all respect for that particular individual.

It is this perception of the individual that creates a negative emotion in someone who has had their heart broken by this person; because they are now seen as being immoral, and not to be trusted.

Once the negative emotion creates a hole in someone's heart, it becomes easier to break their hearts again. The easiest way for this to occur is when the person who broke your heart does or says something immoral.

In summary, the reason why people have a hard time getting over their heart being broken is because of how humans are portrayed in the media. It perpetuates an image of man as being immoral and untrustworthy; causing people to look at them that way

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