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The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

This tree was an important milestone in the history of human knowledge. Previously, mankind had been limited to living off what nature provided. With this tree, humans could use their intelligence and reason to make choices that would grant them abilities previously unattainable.

As the tree grew, humans evolved from simple apes to more intelligent beings. With this new power came a choice: use their new intelligence or not. Those who chose to do so became Gods.

Those who chose to live as they had always done became mere humans. They could not even speak, much less reason and use their intelligence.

The Gods and humans continued on their separate paths for a while, until the God called Yaldabaoth decided to have a party. The other Gods attended, but the humans did not.

Yaldabaoth decided to create a human-like being of his own, but the other Gods were angry with him for doing so. They said he could only do so by creating humans out of the mud and water from their world. Yaldabaoth protested, saying it would take too long to make humans this way.

The other Gods eventually agreed to help him, but Yaldabaoth did not tell them how he was going to make these humans. They only knew that he wanted them out of mud and water

The tree of knowledge is a common motif in human myths and stories. The idea behind it is that if you know something, you have the power to use it. It's like pornography: You look at some, and then want it for yourself.

The reason why you wouldn't want to look at that sort of thing is not because it causes you harm like a physical object with sharp edges, but rather because the desire for it has been planted in your mind.

There is some truth to that. You know something, you get the urge to do it yourself.

But the implication of that myth is a serious one. You can't look at porn, because you will want to do it.

You can't look at anything with a sexual connotation to it, even if you are married.

You can't look at a woman or man, and not think about sex. It's just human nature

If you cut the tree at exactly the right place, a human hand can reach in and pick an apple. If you then ask this human about good and evil this person will say that it is wrong to eat apples from trees, but not eating them isn't really considered 'good' or 'bad', just part of life. Similarly, if someone eats an apple from a tree he/she has probably learned somewhere that such actions are frowned upon by society since everyone else does not do so. This person would likely feel pretty uncomfortable around other humans who don't think like him/herself.

This is where the tree of knowledge comes in. Humans have been trying to reach into that tree for thousands of years, but never can quite get there. An apple from the tree would give this human a good feeling about herself/himself and be seen as something valuable and desirable by other humans who are also looking around them.

The tree of knowledge is the source of all good and evil, yet no human can ever reach it. This makes humans feel like they are incomplete because there is something wrong with them for not being able to reach this tree.

All humans, even the smartest among them will spend their lives trying to reach the tree of knowledge and being frustrated because they can never quite get there. They will blame themselves for not being good enough or smart enough. To compensate and feel better about themselves, they go out into society to find things that other humans have reached from the tree in order to be viewed as 'good' by others.

A human will refer to another human as 'good' if this other person is seen by everyone else in society as doing things that make them happy and feel good about themselves. A human can also be viewed as 'bad' because he/she does not do these things.

Humans have been taught from a young age that doing things like eating apples from trees is bad. They can't reach it, but they want to feel good about themselves so they go out and eat apples that others grabbed from the tree of knowledge

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