Saturday, August 29, 2020

How to Generate Excitement

The world is a bit of a let down. I mean, it's not that bad. It is good enough but still somewhat disappointing. There are some things to be excited about though and there are many ways to generate excitement.

First, consider a person who is excited -- excited about something. They are experiencing positive feelings and thoughts because of some event or thing that they are interested in.

This is the most simple way to generate excitement. There are two components: 1) Interest in something; 2) An event that triggers positive feelings and thoughts about the thing.

The event that triggers the feelings and thoughts can be internal or external. It can also be something you cause or something that happens to you.

If it is something that happens to you, then it can be from anything. It may be a gift or an award or a praise.

The way to generate excitement is not easy. The answer lies in the creation of a rational and harmonious society based on science and technology, which will provide people with love, freedom and hope.

It is important to provide equal opportunities for people to develop themselves and find their own goals. People should pursue a positive attitude towards life, they should be encouraged to take care of their health.

The key to happiness is the development of a balanced and harmonious personality. People should be encouraged to see other people as potential friends and partners in life. I believe that this will help them build rich interpersonal relationships.

To achieve this, it is important to provide education and entertainment for the masses. A rich culture of art, science and sport will help people learn more about the world in which they live.

It is important to make sure that everyone has access to material prosperity. For this it is crucial to maintain a healthy economic system.

The key to success is the development of science and technology, which will provide people with a material foundation for life.

If it is something you cause, then this can be done in many ways. You might do a good deed for someone or some community. You may create or learn something new and exciting

I've been thinking a lot about it, and I'm still trying to figure out what excitement is. Is it a feeling that arises from the presence of novelty? Or perhaps something more like awe or wonder? Or maybe excitement lies in the experience of uncertainty (as when one knows neither which choice will lead him to success nor whether there is even any such thing as 'success' at all).

Perhaps being in love feels exciting because you are invested with an energy that transcends human logic yet nevertheless remains firmly rooted within your body.

From what I've gathered, excitement is an experience of something new and unknown; the more novel or different it seems, the more exciting it is. In other words, if you're riding a roller coaster that's really fast but follows a very predictable trajectory without any surprises, then even though your body feels adrenaline pumping through its veins as you fly around loops at breakneck speeds in pitch blackness while being sprayed with water from on-board cannons and all sorts of stuff like that (and this may be fun to do once or twice), there would seem to be little excitement involved.

I've also been thinking about the effects of novelty and predictability on learning. Recall that people learn better when they have to solve problems in novel environments where there are surprises, rather than in predictable environments. In fact, an optimal environment for learning seems to be one that combines novelty with some degree of mastery over the environment -- as it is exciting to feel like you're just barely mastering a situation.

Consider an example: someone who is a bit too hyped up on Red Bull drinks five cups of coffee. They feel very energetic and excited, but at the same time they are also jittery and nervous. At first their heart races like crazy from all the caffeine in their bloodstream; then their body starts to develop tolerance to it so that it can no longer get them high, so they consume more of it; eventually this individual develops a dependency on caffeine just to function normally.

At this point, the individual has become less and less able to have a normal experience of excitement from novelty or uncertainty. They've become dependent on external stimuli in order to feel anything at all! In fact they have developed an addiction.

This is kind of like what's going on in the human world today, isn't it? The same thing happens with alcohol and drugs -- people become addicted to them because they're less able to experience excitement without their help

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