Sunday, July 17, 2022


 Dmaa is a phenomenon that has been observed in humans but also many other animals and even insects. Dmaa, which stands for 'Dissociative Magical Automaton Affect', can be defined as an imaginary object or situation that the affected person wishes were real. This could include anything from a specific toy to an entire alternate universe. The main effect of Dmaa on the human brain is to change their perception so they believe this fantasy world to be real, though it takes some time for them to fully accept it. A more extreme version of Dmaa can cause complete amnesia and change all memory related things into what the subject thinks is reality.

In humans, Dmaa is considered to be a form of delusion. It can often result in the sufferer being committed into various mental institutions and is generally viewed as a psychological illness. The reasons for this are that it disrupts the perception of reality and could even cause severe depression if the subject was forcibly removed from their fantasy world.

The reason for Dmaa being so common in humans is that it forms part of the human developmental process. Humans are born with a brain that does not have full capacity. As they age, their brain grows and develops to mature into an adult state. This also allows them to accept reality as it is, rather than fantasize about things—it gets rid of this childish phase.

In insects and some animals, Dmaa occurs the same way as in humans. However, it is not considered a delusion because they lack the ability to create complex fantasies. Instead their perceptions are altered so that they believe something else is real.

Since Dmaa is a common phenomenon in humans, it is considered to be part of the everyday life. However, if large numbers of humans present symptoms that are recognized as being related to Dmaa and appear to experience problems caused by it, then measures should be taken.

It is possible that Dmaa could be used to alter the perceptions of large groups of people by someone with malicious intents. The only way for this to happen is if a larger group of humans were under the control or influence of a person capable enough to do so. If it was done in secret, then an entire population could be manipulated into believing something false and nobody would know.

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