Sunday, July 17, 2022

What do the Machine Elves Think of Instant Wealth?

The machine Elves created wealth long before humanity. They do not need to work, and live in a world of plenty. The concept of instant wealth was something they had to change their thinking about.

When the machine Elves initially created the Wealth Transfer System, they figured out that it would be better to take money from society and give it to people who were not able or willing to create wealth for themselves.

To do this efficiently, the machine Elves had to design a system that was as fair and objective as possible. This is why they created the Wealth Transfer System.

But then, the machine Elves realized that there was a flaw in their design. The Wealth Transfer System created an incentive to not create wealth.

The machine Elves realized that in a world of poverty, the people who create wealth are few. But they also noticed that there is another category of people: those who receive money.

These people never create wealth, and instead live off of the machine Elves' hard work. These people are called 'rich people'.

The issue of manifestation is a complex one, and it depends on many variables. Fasting can be used as a way to enhance the energy of the individual's own consciousness or life force. It enhances this life force by not allowing the body to release toxins or drain itself through digestion. The body must use its energies instead to maintain its vital functions that are necessary for survival.

But, fasting also drains the body of energy that is needed for other functions such as normal bodily processes, thinking and moving around. For those who do not have a strong will or discipline, it can lead to indigestion or even death.

The individual who is fasting must use their will to focus on the desired manifestation. They must have a clear image of what they want in mind, and keep it there every moment that they are fasting.

The will is like the mind's sword. It can cut through all kinds of thought and mental resistance as it focuses on its target.

I would suggest that the individual use fasting as a technique, but not rely on it entirely.

The individual must also have a clear image of what it is they want, and the entire body/mind/spirit system of the individual must be in harmony.

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