Sunday, July 17, 2022

Only Fools Rush In

An applicable paraphrase is: 'Only those who will be beaten easily are.' In other words, the reason why people rush into battle is because they are weak. People with power never fight unless the odds of winning are good enough to justify it.

There are many kinds of arguments that confirm this idea. One is the fact that people who rush into battle tend to be physically weak, which means they have no choice but to rely on numbers. Another is the fact that those with power do not fight often; otherwise, there would always be war.

The same goes for the saying 'One should not fight unless he has been insulted.' If someone is weak, and thus unable to protect himself, then it is a good idea to avoid fighting. However, if you are strong enough that people do not insult you in the first place due to your power, then there would be no point in fighting since you will always win anyway.

In general, it is true that people who do not fight often are strong. This is because they already have power and therefore do not need to fight. Only those with little power need to resort to fighting.

In conclusion, 'Only fools rush in' is true because people who rush into battle are weak. People with power do not fight unless they have an advantage.

There are, however, people who rush into battle but still win. These people have a special power that allows them to fight even though they are weak.

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