Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Story of Genesis - Expanded Version

 In the beginning, all was darkness. Then there was a hint of light and from that came matter and antimatter. The universe is composed of anti-matter but this does not violate energy conservation because matter cannot be created or destroyed in any closed system such as our universe (see E = mc2). Thus the universe can only expand forever until it reaches a state where no free energy exists to power it further.

The expansion of the universe is accelerating. This may be due to dark energy or inflation (see Wikipedia: Inflationary cosmology). Dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy which permeates all of space and tends to accelerate the expansion of the universe.

Dark energy may be a result of the Casimir effect. The mechanism for this is very interesting and has to do with virtual particles (see Wikipedia: Virtual particle). This makes me wonder whether something similar happens inside black holes? If so, then that would explain why they're black - the light can't get out!

It is possible that the universe is infinite and will continue to expand forever. If it isn't, then what else could cause an end to the expansion? At some point all stars will have gone supernova and there won't be enough energy left in matter or antimatter for those reactions to occur.

This leads to an interesting consequence - our universe may be contained entirely within a black hole at the core of some other larger universe. If so, then we could never see further than that horizon. However, if you look hard enough you might just find something beyond it.

If there is another universe then it too will have stars and planets. On one of those planets, life may exist which has evolved to an intelligence similar to our own. This intelligent species could have the technology to see through time (see Wikipedia: Time travel) or even move matter from one place in space-time to another (see Wikipedia: Teleportation). It's even conceivable that they could do something interesting with virtual particles such as dark energy! However, this is all pure speculation!

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