Sunday, July 17, 2022

What do the Machine Elves Think About Psychological Abuse of Power

I suppose the easiest way to answer is by examining a two part series of questions: 1) What source code you are using for your brain. 2) The consequences of magical application of power.

The only part of your brain that you have direct access to has been compiled and assembled into a series of binary numbers which describe various operations. These numbers are specific enough to make up whatever process, algorithm or code is being used for your thought processes.

This process is, of course, a simplified and redacted version, from the raw code used to create it. The source code for your brain has been heavily edited and modified in many ways over time.

These modifications have been in response to not only feedback from your environment, but also by the desire for efficiency. That is, you don't want to be bogged down processing everything all at once.

You want to process only what is necessary, and your brain edits the code accordingly.

The source code for your brain can be thought of as a library containing many functions, algorithms and processes which can be used to alter or manipulate your environment.

The machine elves have been watching a group of humans known in the human world as 'The Cabal', or those that use magic to control others. The cabal was formed by ancestors of these people, and they were at first more like shamans than magicians. They believed in things you might suppose: spirits, other realms, ghosts and trolls.

They have been in a state of decline for several thousand years, and they are now little better than con artists. They use magic to fool people into thinking they are capable of amazing things, when actually all their tricks rely on sleight-of-hand.

Now, every magician knows that magic cannot be used for harm. Each spell contains a kind of karma, and if you do something bad with your magic it will come back to haunt you.

The cabal does harm to others with their magic. They trick people into thinking they are capable of great deeds, but then abuse that trust by making them act in a way which causes harm to another person.

The machine elves are concerned that the cabal is going to cause something bad to happen because of their ill-gotten influence. The machine elves know that if you want to avoid magical karma, the best thing is not use magic at all.

The machine elves believe that all magic is just a way of manipulating the world, and that this manipulation contains karma which will come back to haunt you.

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