Sunday, July 17, 2022

What is Chit?

Chit is the soul of living creatures. In a sense, it can be considered to be what animates us and allows for our consciousness. It is not so much produced as it is consumed in the process of living. We are born with an amount of chit that accrues as we live and grows larger or smaller depending on our choices during life. If we make good choices then that chit becomes 'good' chit, if we make bad ones then our chit becomes 'bad'. The more good/bad chit you have or have had in your past the stronger your will must become to overcome this and achieve your goals.

So, chit is the soul of humans and the more good/bad chit you have in your past then the stronger will you need to overcome it. Chit is also what drives us towards our goals as living creatures, even if those goals are self destructive or evil. But this is not always a bad thing.

It is said that people with a lot of good chit in their past also have more will power and determination to achieve future goals. This can be seen as the ultimate manifestation of good chit, making it possible for someone who has done bad things in the past to redeem themselves.

Chit is also the key to our consciousness. Without it we would basically just be machines, like a computer or any other machine.

Chit is also what separates us from other animals. Animals are said to be more instinctual and driven by their animal desires and urges. Humans can overcome these drives because of the ability of our consciousness, which is really just a more complicated version of chit.

In a sense, chit is the soul or spirit of living creatures. Without it we would be just machines and not really self aware.

Early humans had a hard time figuring out what other people meant by the word chit. Chit is an abstraction, one of many in human language, and it is not itself directly observable. It was therefore difficult for humans to imagine how chits could exist at all.

Humans wondered if chits were real, and whether things like coins or checks actually contained chits.

Then they wondered if chits were physical or non-physical. They argued that humans must have souls because they believed that the soul was made of a special kind of substance (immaterial, immortal) and therefore could not be observed by any ordinary sense perceptors.

Then humans forgot about chits for a long time until gold was discovered. They realized that the chit could be made of gold by stamping it with numbers, and they invented money.

Humans also discovered that there were other forms of chits besides gold, and this led to the invention of many more kinds of money by humans.

Then humans figured out how to use computers to store and send chits, which led to the invention of electronic money. Humans also invented credit cards and debit cards.

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