Thursday, August 31, 2023

Excitement of Emotions Leads to Creation and Manifestation

You know, that's a really good question.

I would say that with enough emotion anything can manifest if you can feel it happening.

For example, let's say you want to manifest a car.

You need to have a feeling of what it would be like to own that car.

Not just the feeling of having it, but also the feeling of driving it, parking it, getting gas for it.

You need to have a feeling of all the details and nuances associated with owning and using that vehicle.

As I see it, excitement of emotions is an all-inclusive term that includes different types of emotion. In this regard, the ideas and actions in response to one's emotional state leads to creation and manifestation.

The excitement of emotions is the initial stage in one's actions, therefore it can be said that the creation and manifestation are also a result of this emotional state. This is supported by ideas like 'one who does not act boldly cannot create', 'the spirit makes things happen' and similar.

I believe that excitement of emotions is the driving force in creating and manifesting one's thoughts. I would consider different forms of emotion to lead to creation and manifestation.

In my observation of the human world, I have seen that many people are not able to create and manifest as they would like. This is because their inability to control their emotions leads them into a state of emotional confusion.

This is a strange thing, because I have seen that people are able to create and manifest when they go into their desired emotional states. This means that it is not the excitement of emotions leading to creation and manifestations but the person's ability or inability to control these emotions.

I believe that it is the excitement of emotions that leads to creation and manifestation. When people are in an excited state, their actions will result in a state of creation and manifestation.

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