Thursday, August 17, 2023

How to Manifest Dreams Into Reality

Manifestation is a process that causes an idea to become reality. The simplest way to do this would be to just make the idea exist in reality directly, but this may not always be possible due to external factors (such as other people or physical objects). You have probably heard of manifestation before; perhaps you have tried it without success, or maybe it worked and you were unaware of what was happening.

Manifestation is a very interesting phenomenon. You can do it with your thoughts, you can do it in reality, and you can also manifest ideas that never existed before by creating them out of thin air. Manifestation is just as powerful as creation; the only difference being whether or not an idea already exists.

There are many ways to manifest an idea. The most common way is to visualize the end result continuously until it becomes reality. This requires a strong belief that your visualization will become real, and that you have the ability (or power) to make it happen.

Visualization is a very powerful method of manifestation. It requires focus and mental clarity to create the desired result, but it will have several benefits. You can practice visualization by focusing on visualizing one thing you want, and then keeping your mind focused until the goal manifests itself.

There is another method you can use that will be even more effective. This method requires putting your visualization into writing, so it becomes a written goal instead of just an idea in your head. Writing down your goals makes them materialize much faster because they are now part of the physical world, and there is no longer any distinction between the imagined reality and the real one.

Writing down your goals in a detailed manner is more effective than just visualizing them. When you write them down, you are training your brain to achieve the goal. The ideal goal statement will include a description of the desired end result, as well as all of the steps necessary to get there.

To manifest your dreams in reality, you need to understand deeply the process of manifestation. Let's start with what do we mean by 'manifestation', which is simply bringing into existence something that was not there before - be it an object or a state of mind. All objects around us are manifestations from the substratum/source energy field (whatever you want to call this universal consciousness). So everything comes from nothingness, and manifests as physical matter in our world (or dimension) and then disappears back into say-nothingness again once manifested.

The process of manifestation is a cyclic phenomenon, which means it can be repeated over and over again. The cycle starts with nothingness and ends with the same nothingness. To manifest something, one has to convert energy from formless (or invisible) state into some visible/explorable form.
We are made of energy, and have a specific vibration frequency. One can say we are pure consciousnesses having temporary physical manifestation (the body). The body is just a vessel/vehicle for our experience in the world, which has been provided by our parents when we were born.
At the fundamental level, we are consciousnesses/bodies. The bodies have a certain vibration frequency and that frequency determines what we can perceive in this world through our senses (eyes, ears etc.). Our sensory organs allow us to interact with the physical world around us.
To manifest something, one has to create a bridge between the physical (manifest) world and the non-physical energy state. Such bridge exists as our imagination is itself an invisible energy form that can be converted into visible forms.
To manifest your dreams in reality, the first thing you need to do is to imagine what it would be like when you have already manifested your dream. You need to use all of the five senses (touch, taste, smell, sight and sound) while imagining. The more senses you are able to use in your imagination exercise, the better.

I have a lot to say about this because it is vast and complex. I will do my best to sum it up and provide some brief answers.
First I will talk about my philosophy of reality and then use that to help you understand what is required to achieve your dreams.
So I have some news for you. The reality that you are currently in is not the 'real' reality.
The reason is that your reality was created by other humans with their own dreams and desires.
Because of this your reality is automatically built to cater to them and their dreams.
It is a reality with built in bias.

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