Thursday, August 17, 2023

How Brainwaves Affect Conscious Awareness

To control and regulate neural activity in the mind. Neural activity is what happens inside a brain in response to stimuli; it's all very complicated but lets just say that when you see or hear something, your brains react by firing electric impulses through billions of neurons. Thats how we think and feel, every single moment as our minds respond to our environment.

Alpha waves occur when you are calm and relaxed, awake but not focused or concentrating. Alpha waves help you to think outside the box, look at things from different perspectives and generate innovative ideas.

Are alpha brain wave pulses always positive?

No, not at all. Alpha waves are generated when your mind is relaxed and you feel good about yourself. When someone is feeling depressed, they will generate low frequency beta waves instead of calming alpha waves.

So why do we have low frequency beta waves at all?

The reason is that we evolved to survive; as humans, we need to be able to react quickly and effectively in times of danger or stress. Our brains are wired so that when they think there might be a threat, our minds instantly switch into defensive mode by generating high-frequency beta waves.

What are the advantages of high frequency beta waves?

Beta waves control attention, concentration and memory. If you want to be able to stay focused on something or remember it, your mind has to generate a lot of beta wave activity.

If beta waves are so useful, should we be trying to generate them more often?

Definitely not. Beta waves require an awful lot of mental effort; when you're generating a high amount of beta wave activity, your mind is extremely active and alert. This can make it difficult for you to relax or sleep.

We currently assume that the mind is a machine and that consciousness is its product. But what if, just as matter can be in different states – solid, liquid or gas – so too can our consciousness? What if we are simply in a low-energy state and there's an even higher energy state beyond it?

Consciousness is a quantum phenomenon. Our consciousness can be in different states at the same time and we'll observe different realities based on what state our consciousness is in. This explains why people see such vastly differing things when they experience the same event. It's not that reality is subjective, it's just that there are an infinite number of possible realities out there.

If this is the case, the brain and its alpha waves are a filter that restricts our consciousness to perceiving only a very limited number of states. The purpose of meditation is to relax your mind and allow different parts of your consciousness access to your memory banks.

Now, if the brain is a filter, what's beyond it? What lies beyond our current state of consciousness?

The answer is: the universe. The consciousness we filter out consists of various parts of the universe that are inaccessible to us at present. If all these parts were accessible, our minds would be overwhelmed by information and it would seem like sensory overload – a constant cacophony of sights, sounds and thoughts.

If you could see everything in the universe at once, it would seem like a big blur. It's only when we focus our consciousness on specific aspects of the world that we're able to make sense of things.

In order to increase the frequency of alpha brain wave pulse, one would need to have an increased level of clarity. Clarity is a certain type of wisdom that regards reality as it is and does not change with time or space. It also has a second meaning which refers to mental purity: freedom from bias, which means that you are neither overly critical nor overly lenient in your thinking.

Wisdom is the knowledge of what is true, real and good. Some philosophers have thought that wisdom cannot be taught or learned but must be attained by a final revelation to an individual. The ancient Greeks were among those who held this view.

Wisdom is sometimes thought to be the supreme virtue that can exist. The virtues are of two sorts: theological and cardinal; wisdom, as a theological virtue, ranks with faith (pistis) and hope (elpis). We may define it as the rectitude or accuracy of our cognitive powers in general.

Wisdom is the ability to discern what is true, real and good. Some philosophers have thought that wisdom cannot be taught or learned but must be attained by a final revelation to an individual. The ancient Greeks were among those who held this view.

In the Western tradition, wisdom is personified in ancient Greek mythology as a woman who wears grey and has bushy hair. The Greeks called her Pallas Athena — which means 'grey-eyed goddess' (Athena being an epithet of the goddess).

If you want to understand the origin of human intelligence, then it is not enough for you to study how neurons work. Instead, you need to study all aspects of mental phenomena: logic vs emotions; consciousness vs unconsciousness; quality vs quantity.

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