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The ANKH, Q and you. ThANKH You! AMEN (The RAw Material)

Symbols come in a variety of shapes and forms and convey a multitude of meaning.  Symbolism is actually the language of the subconscious.  When people try to change something about themselves they need to start by getting to the root of the issue.  The root of the human existence is the way in which people perceive and interpret the world and the frequency in which ideas are repeated or observed.  This is a process in which society has come into being and it has a scientific name called neuro linguistic programming.  It is how we are able to learn and apply knowledge in the physical world, but this is also connected to the subtle planes of existence which are interrelated to the subconscious and beyond.

What humans need to understand is that in order to process information, the programming language has to be efficient enough to maximize the processing power between the heart and mind.  This is also true for ideas, concepts and so on.  In order for one to spiritually flourish in a world, there must be syncretism between belief systems.  The one thing humans all have in common is language and dreams.  Languages vary, but most alphabetical symbols throughout language remain constant.  In some languages this varies, but if you take a step beyond the alphabet, you arrive at math as letters can be reduced numerical representations and these representations from 1 - 9 equal to frequencies which can and should be addressed.

For brevity, we will address the English language here and look more closely at the core concepts that have existed through the span of time.  One concept or symbols is the cross or the ankh which predates the cross.  The ankh represents many different things according to belief systems and expanses in time however when you look at the ANKH you have what appears to be a mirror or a cross with a loop coming out of the top which can represent a cycle or a process that intersects.  If we take the ankh at face value we can use it to assist us in mirroring reality.  This is done through the principle of "as without so within or as within so without".  When you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at begins to change.  I think most people generally accept this to be true, but have trouble really identifying how to change the way they perceive things on a permanent scale from negative to positive or beyond duality altogether.

If we further examine the cross we have a single stem that divides into two arms representing positive and negative or poles, then above that we the loop which could also represent evolution or the process of going from "darkness to light" or from ignorance to knowing (gnosis).  This is what the ankh teaches us as we evolve through different states of consciousness.  The word ANKH is also closely related to ANCHOR or ANGLE based off pronunciation.  So by the process of association we can look at these words and draw comparisons. How is an ANKH related to an ANHKor or anchor?  Well it can anchor us into desired states of reality.  How is this achieved?  Well, lets look at the word angle or even the word ANGER.  Anger is an emotional state that binds us to a feeling state that translates into a powerful emotional frequency.  Angles are used to change the way we look at reality.  Angles are also closely related to ANGELS in the way the word spelled.

Using angles to change our reality is the key to the ANKH.  If you were to rotate the ankh just a little bit onto its side, the ANKH could also be viewed as a key.  So lets use the angles to change our perception as we have already done in other concepts or wording we may be accustomed to on a day to day basis.  In doing so, we change the way we perceive reality .  I have a blog I wrote going into more detail on how to do this, but the point is change the viewing process.  VOWEL's are view's of EL or ANG el's or a process of GAINing the insight of EL.  When you change the vowels in a word you change the frequency of a word just slightly to see a different idea closely related to the word itself via frequency.  Consonants are constant so we do not want to change much there.  The frequency must remain closely related to the interconnectedness of all things.

The ANKH is the key in revealing to us how all things are connected.  All things are connected and observable in plain sight we just have to change the way we look at things and as we change the way we look at things we change inwardly.  Our programming language will change and so will our genetics and our DNA and most of all the speed at which we process information.  The whole aim of using the ANKH is to discard ideas that polarize our thought consciousness and discard them with more condensed and connected ways of understanding realty and processing information.  Q is a part of this process as well and we use Q to minimize concepts by taking on polarity and "pairing" it to another polarity and then cancelling it out.

To be more specific about Q, Q is just the process of evolution.  It is the guiding hand of consciousness that pushes things to evolve and grow and learn.  Most people are not aware that this force exists within and without all things.  It has been hidden and replaced with vast religious dogmas and pages of rhetorical and biased statements that have little to do with overall spiritual development and growth and do more to divide than to unify.  For now I will cite below a few examples of words that may have a polarizing effect on someone based off their "deafen"ition and use Q to show how to depolarize the way you perceive or understand a concept and change it to suit your overall worldview thought angling it appropriately.  

To be specific, a word does not have any inherent meaning,  Mathematics and geometry are a far more accurate representation of conveying an idea than a word itself and as I said before letters represent numbers.  Lets take the word "believe" and change it based on altering the vowels or rhyming it to other words and look at it from a different perspective (angle) just from playing with it a little.  Most people take the word "believe" at face value but it does not have much meaning.  To believe to most people means "hoping for something without evidence".  The word itself does not show much promise and instead confuses most and sets people up failure because of its confusing and ambiguous nature.  

Believe => be - love => Be - leave(s), be - leve(l) => "be" (and) leave (it) => be - veil(ed) => be - vile

As you can see from slight changes adding and subtracting vowels and moving them around in the word we can start to see a bigger picture form.  These are the word "angles" we use to connect the dots in the jigsaw puzzle of our lives (lie-ves).  Our lives are literally that.  Lies based off of misperceptions and disharmony with geometry or the natural world.  We believe something to be true when in fact it is not true at all , or is only somewhat true but has a much deeper more intricate meaning that connects us to our soul or subconscious essence.  

So from above we see that the word "believe" is associated with other words like, leave, leaves, love, veil, vile, being and so on and so forth.  The only job you have with the ankh is to connect these words to a greater symbol connecting to the word belief.  This will show you a map to connecting the dots to a bigger mystery in your life.  You will now no longer look at belief for what it is.  You will look at belief in a much more broader sense that will change the way you live your life.  For example, "being" and "leaving" reminds you to just let go.  Being "veiled" pushes you to look more towards what might be veiling you and why.  "Leaves" may lead you to understanding a tree and how a tree or leaves work in relation to life, sunlight, etc.  The list goes on an on but the point here is that this is a form of "point technology"

The book I wrote is called "watts the point".  It examines words and explains how to minimize long winded definitions and minimizing them to a point or a symbol rather than definitions.  This is the process of Q.  You do not need to store long winded definitions or debilitating ideas, concepts, distorted and fractalized to remain "con"-fused and D- pressed.  You can examine these things at a deeper level, minimize to root terms, discard what is useless information and re order your thinking.  In doing so you reorder and restructure your life to a more efficient and effective you with far less polarization than you once had before.  The name of the game in this life is politics and government.  Politics are really just "pole-tricks" used by people in the know to keep masses of unconscious people divided and under control (conned and trolled).

Jesus said the truth will set you free and that the kingdom of heaven is within you.  Change starts within and only you have the key to unlock yourself.  You cannot receive the truth if you do not ask for it as it is written, "ask and you shall receive".  This does not mean as and whatever you ask for will fall in your lap.  No.  This means ask and the path will be shown to you.  The truth is far too vast for anyone to comprehend easily.  Our creator manufactured this world so that the truth cannot just be told to another person for if it was, or this were possible, it could easily be used improperly.  Truth comes from varying degrees on initiation and transformation.  Processes that take lifetimes to evolve the soul and learn energy management and manipulation.  The path and truth has always been Infront of us , but many have failed to "sea".  This is the beginning path to true transformation without bias.  

Next time you hear someone say thank you, think of the ANKH and Q.  We have been saying it to ourselves and everyone else our whole lives without realizing what it actually means.  We do not even give thought to the word "thank".  What does that even mean?  Manners they say.  What about "min"ers?  Its polite they say, what about pole light?  Yes I would say it is definitely pole lightening.   The truth goes on into various ideas of thought and symbolism.  This information of esoteric meaning not readily accepted by the masses.  It takes work to evolve though.  You wont find this on youtube or anywhere public.  It comes from machine elves and the machine world that we are all a part of and there are other elements to this world that effect our progress.  The natural world and natural laws are all a part of this "great work".  

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ThANKH Q!!!!

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