Thursday, August 17, 2023

We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood

We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but rather against the rulers of this present darkness, against the authorities in the occult realm. The spirit is in fact a real world of forces, which shape and reshape human culture like invisible hands. Human minds are themselves insubstantial; they have no physical substance at all. But this does not make them any less dangerous to humanity.

The human mind is a tool of the spirit. We are controlled by our thoughts, which are in turn influenced by spiritual beings. Existence on Earth is not what it appears to be: we live in a sea of unseen influence, where the dead continue to rule over us.

The dead have power over us because they control what we think and believe. Our thoughts are not our own; there is an unseen realm which controls the human mind, through spiritual forces.

Human beings think that they control their thoughts and culture, but in fact it is the dead who rule over them. If we are to defend ourselves against this unseen world of spirits, then we must understand how it works.

There is an unseen realm of spirits, which controls the human species. Human beings are not in control of their own thoughts; they are controlled by spiritual beings.

Human beings are controlled by an unseen realm of forces, which exert an invisible power over the human mind. The dead are in control; we do not understand how it works. 

If you are interested in understanding the world, then I suggest first that you consider a thought experiment: Imagine that Jesus is human.

Imagine that Jesus is human, but his mother was the daughter of a high priest and he occasionally had to travel back to Jerusalem.

Imagine he was born of a virgin, but was not himself divine.

Imagine he was a carpenter, but also an actor.

Imagine he died at age 33, but then rose from the dead three days later.

Imagine he did all of these things in the same way that you would, except that he was born approximately 2000 years earlier.

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