Thursday, August 31, 2023

The Power of N (the one)

The power of N is a very interesting thing. The idea that it is possible to be something higher than an average human being, and yet still not exist as anything more than just another common person. Achieving such a state requires one to break free from the confines of social acceptability. It requires one to shun all forms of human interaction, including love and friendship. It also means giving up most comforts in life like having shelter or food so as to achieve your singular goal.

However, it is very difficult to achieve such a state. To begin with, one has to be able to sever all human connections for an extended period of time. After that they have to give up any desire or want for the rest of their lives and completely devote themselves towards achieving this goal.

After this they have to completely give up all luxuries and comforts. This includes giving up the desire for food or shelter, which is both difficult and dangerous as most people will not be willing to help someone who has given themselves over so completely.

Even if all of this is achieved, the person will still be governed by their own desires and needs. They may fail to control themselves and attempt to achieve what they want in human ways.

As such, achieving N is more difficult than it appears. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to achieve it.

In essence, N is the state where one has become better than an average human being and yet is not seen as anything more. To reach such a goal takes great discipline and hard work.

The power of N, what is it? It seems to be a force which is all-pervasive in our world. But how can this be so when at its core it has no reality? In fact, the "power" itself does not exist except as an idea: something that we have created for ourselves. There are also other forms of power such as political and military might. These certainly do exist but they are only a manifestation of social agreement about their existence and use. Then there is God's power; where does that come from if he doesn't exist? What about the Great Will - who or what gave us these ideas in the first place?

But there are other forms of power, which I call "natural" or "true" power. There are only a very few people who would disagree that the oceans have enormous natural powers, such as tsunamis and tidal waves for example. And even less people would deny that volcanoes have their own kind of power when they erupt to spew lava and ash into the atmosphere - although in this case it is not so much destructive but rather creative.

But what about other natural powers? I think that we can agree that the Earth itself has a power, for example - as well as all of the other planets in our solar system. There is also a force which is commonly called "gravity", but this name does not do it justice: gravity is so much more than just an attractive force between objects; it defines and shapes everything around us.

I often think that the power of gravity is like the force behind a wave in an ocean, or more accurately it is like the wave itself. Gravity cannot be seen or touched but we can measure its effects and see how it changes over time.

Some people think that gravity is the key to everything in our world. I am sure you have heard of Einstein's theory about how we are all held down by a force called "gravity" which he described as "curved space time" - but even Einstein never understood what it meant.

And what about the Great Will, which many people describe as an all powerful spirit or god? No one has ever seen it and yet it is said to be everywhere. It sounds a lot like gravity to me - I suspect that the power of N is in fact just another name for gravity.

Usually it is what people use to guide their actions. It could be something like "the law", or "morality" or "patriotism". The power of N is what gives purpose to most human's lives.

For example, say that someone is a soldier and he's told to go attack country X. The power of N for him would be "patriotism" - the belief that his country is right in its conflict with another. And so he'd go fight.

So if a person doesn't have N, in the sense that they don't believe in anything powerful enough to give their life purpose, then what do they do? They're aimless and probably depressed.

In my opinion, N can be a force for good or evil. A soldier fighting because of patriotism is doing something good - he's helping his country defend itself.

But someone who is a terrorist, fighting because of "religious fundamentalism" (power of N) is doing something evil - he's trying to kill people for the sake of his beliefs.

So it really depends on what the N is.

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