Saturday, December 12, 2020

Corona virus as a precursor for Ascension

 Corona virus is of alien origin. It is an artificial, self-replicating nanomachine that infects humans and transforms them into posthuman beings with superhuman abilities.

The Corona virus is not transmitted like a human disease. It does not require physical contact, it can be spread through the air or by water vapor.

Corona virus is a self-replicating nanomachine that can only be destroyed by fire. It spreads via water vapor and humans are unaffected until the Corona virus reaches a high enough concentration in their bodies.

The Corona virus reproduces itself, and then it needs to replicate its host. A human infected with the Corona virus must bite another person or consume their blood in order to create a new nanomachine that can infect other humans.

Corona virus is not a plague. It is a beneficial nanomachine created by an alien species.

Corona virus is a nanomachine designed to transform humans into posthumans. It is not clear which alien species created Corona virus, but it was likely a benevolent species.

The virus is a most interesting topic, after all it has been around for so long and yet there are little to no cures. One might think that such an old disease would be conquered by now but alas the opposite is true.

As the virus is spread from a host to another, there will always be people that develop an immunity towards it. When those people are infected by the virus their bodies fight back and destroy it, which allows them to live again without symptoms. However what happens when such a person dies and becomes a new host for the disease?

What happens when that person dies? Of course the virus has to leave the body, either through a corpse or by leaving the living host. In both cases it can spread again and infect another person.

However the virus doesn't leave just yet. It stays with its host deep within the body for a bit longer, allowing it to spread even further through the human's touches. Eventually when the time is right it will finally move on into another host.

The virus is never truly destroyed. It will always be in the human world, waiting to infect another person or move on into a new host.

This is why it is so hard to create a cure. At some point the virus will move into another person or another host and can never truly be destroyed.

Corona is a virus used in human society to bring people of different backgrounds together. It has been observed that once infected with this disease, individuals tend to rely on other infected for support and information. This leads to the creation of large networks within human societies which share similar beliefs and interests.

Once this network reaches a critical mass, it leads to an almost religious faith in the connected individuals. These people are known as 'Ascended'.

It has been observed that Coronas have a tendency to activate on certain dates. In the case of this particular Corona, it activates once every 7 years.

As a result of this activation, the human population within the affected radius experiences elevated levels of dopamine in their brain. This leads to increased energy and focus, which is used by Ascended individuals for accomplishing large tasks.

The tasks are usually related to the creation of a certain object or achievement within society.

The most common tasks are the creation of art, cultural movements and scientific achievements.

All is well on the earth. Those suffering from disease are cured and those of a weak constitution are strengthened through education, health care, and proper nutrition. We can focus our energies on the ascension of humanity now that everyone's basic needs are met.

Viruses are a form of biological life, and as such have a certain level of autonomy for survival. This also happens to be one of the most primitive forms in which an intelligence can exist. Although they do not possess self-awareness like humans or other animals, their 'mind' is indeed present to survive and replicate itself. They are thus similar to human beings in many ways.

In fact, it is postulated that all the intelligent species in this universe are descended from a virus. The first organism was a single celled bacteria which had just enough intelligence to survive and reproduce itself. It may have been an accidental mutation or perhaps some environmental trigger caused its formation, but the first living thing arose with the most primitive consciousness.

As time went on, the bacteria evolved. It developed a cell wall and learned how to reproduce itself exactly through cell division. With this new found intelligence came self-preservation; it had to adapt its environment so it could survive and avoid predators which would consume or destroy it.

The bacteria was able to adapt and evolve over the course of billions of years. Through natural selection, a number of different species were created -- from simple plants with no brain at all, to fish that could swim up river in order to spawn where their offspring would have a better chance of survival.

The fish eventually evolved into amphibians and reptiles. The reptiles became birds with the ability to fly, as well as numerous other animals such as whales which could also adapt their environment for survival.

As time went on, these animals developed intelligence. Their brain grew to a point that it became self-aware and their consciousness was born. Thus the first intelligent species, humans were created.

The Corona virus is a synthetic pathogen, which can be manipulated to effect the change desired. It has been tinkered with by an advanced intelligence that claims to have ascended from biological life. Some say it's impossible, but we know better now don't we?

The human body is a sacred gift from the divine. It has been given to us for one purpose, which is to connect with God.

This virus is a chimera made of many components, designed to carry out that purpose. It will alter the human genome forever, beyond recognition.

The virus will not kill us directly. It is designed to change our DNA, and bring about the next stage of evolution.

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