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Nova Symbolism and Etymology

A nova is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion on the surface of a star. The name comes from the Latin word for 'new', as these explosions are considered new events since they release massive amounts of energy and can be observed and recorded in detail. This may cause revelations about other related objects.

The name for this kind of explosion comes from the Latin word 'nova' meaning 'new'.

When a nova occurs, it is usually in a binary system where one of the stars has run out of fuel. The star's remaining companion will have moved off to the side and become invisible from Earth.

When the star's companion is a white dwarf, it pulls matter off of the main star until it becomes unstable. Then the matter will fall onto its surface.

After the matter falls onto the white dwarf, there is a nuclear reaction. That's what causes the explosion and it becomes visible.

The white dwarf forms a shell of helium around it, which causes the star to glow brightly. When it explodes, a sequence of gases is released into space.

nova symbolism

In a nutshell this is what is happening within human civilization.  We are all sons or "suns" of God and the heart is the center of your being which is the sun chakra.  We are going through a similar transition much like binary stars are except with people we would call our twin flames.  We all have a polar opposite soul counterpart and these parts of us come into our lives to align us with our true selves which eventually should lead us into our true heart center to create "new" version of ourselves or a supernova effect in which the heart expands into a bright light birthing into a new being.  This is part of the incoming Golden age of consciousness and the age of Aquarius.  This is also what it would mean to become christened.  As it stands right now most of humanity's heart centers are closed or hexed due to planetary influences but as time progresses and other stars and planets move out of the way new energies enter our realm and allow for this expansion to occur.

So with all the Nova symbolism we must only think of it in terms of our heart energy center which can also be referred to as the "torus" field.  The torus field contains a frequency we must tune in order to activate our true potential.  This can be done in a number of ways but it is primarily done by increasing wattage.  You can do this to our toroidal field by drinking "watter" and fasting but there are other ways as well including diet with kilojoules or calorie alterations.  Water fasting would be an extreme method but is by far the most effective.  Most would fail having not been disciplined in the art of fasting combined with meditation because it takes a certain level of discipline, focus and work with chi to be able to break through your own depressed frequency.  Essentially this route requires giving up everything of this world to ascend into a new body all at once.  Its an all or nothing strategy but there are other ways.

When I was on DMT I was shown other methods of easing the transition and this is through the inner standing of words and changing your programming language by getting to the root meanings and etymology of how we think and interpret reality.  Once this is achieved we are able to speed up the rate at which we process information freeing up valuable energetic resources locked away inside of us.  This is where decoding words and symbols come in.   There are only 9 numbers and all letters reduce to numbers.  Each number has a specific frequency.  The more we can find patterns within words the greater we become at developing algorithms.  Algorithms are "all go rhythm's".  In the new age or the fourth dimension we are transiting we will be living and functioning on patterns only in a reality structured much like a dream world.  In order to make the shift we have to inner stand how to identify and predict patterns BECAUSE EVERYTHING is frequency based.  Frequency is how frequent something occurs which translates into a signal.  When you figure out the signals you can tune into any reality that you want.  This is the process we understand in "Itymology", the decoding and processing of language because it allow us to think outside the box and manifest our true will rather than rely on rigid "deafen-itions" in an a+b = c manner we can instead go straight to C and skip the arduous labor of third dimensional processes.

When we break down words what we are doing is pairing poles in the same way you would pair a Bluetooth device.  All energy follows the same rules both in organic and non organic structuring therefor you must realize how your machine operates because you are a machine but you are a carbon based biological machine that works like a "alkaline" battery.  When your poles are paired like in "pros-pair-ity" or "pre-pairing" the effort required to manifest or "mini-fast" something becomes less and less and simpler or "sim-polar".  You want to aim for a state of abundance which is a state absent of undulation eliminating sin or sine from your energy field and transmuting it into a straight line (AC to DC) or spear like in the word "spear-it" (spirit) you are directing your consciousness with precision to a desired outcome rather than floundering on the sinewave of the sea in the water world in which we live in, hence the age of Aquarius, the water bearer, like The Jesus baptism and the Jesus fish. 

You can read more about this in our online course which you can access in the sidebar.

In a society, the word 'nova' would be used to describe an event or situation that is detrimental to the well-being of that society. The nova could take many forms: for example, it might refer to a new threat from another nation; or it might refer to social unrest in one part of the country; or it could mean something as simple and ordinary as war between two states. In any case, whatever form this 'nova' takes would by definition be a threat - an existential threat perhaps - for at least some people within that state.

For example, the word 'nova' would be used to describe - for instance - the French Revolution. This was a situation in which people had lost faith in their government and felt that they were being mistreated by it. As a result of this mass feeling of discontent, people began to revolt against the state; unfortunately, there was no peaceful solution and so many lives were lost.

The word 'nova' refers to a new or unforeseen threat that is likely to cause significant damage in the future. It could also be used as an adjective, such as when something becomes nova - for example: 'The situation has become nova', meaning that it has escalated to become quite dangerous and worrying.

To summarize: in a society, the word 'nova' would be used to describe - for instance - an event or situation that is detrimental to the well-being of that society. The nova could take many forms.

Hope this helps!

I would also like to point out that this is a fairly complex topic, and the above response was produced after several minutes of thought.

The word nova has its roots in the latin verb 'novus', meaning 'new'. As such, it is fitting that there was once a star which exploded and became known as Nova. However, this star was not new at all; it had been around for many billions of years before exploding. This brings us to the first major philosophical question: What is a thing?

Of course, it is obvious to us that a thing is something with mass and volume. However, if we were to get rid of all matter in this universe except for one quark on the other side of the universe, how could we still say that this quark constitutes a thing?

If we were to say that a thing is something with mass and volume, but that it can be nonexistent at times, then what do we mean by 'exist'? Is this state of being dependent on the external environment surrounding a particle? If so, are things in fact their own independent entities, or merely manifestations of existence itself?

Of course, we could say that a thing exists when it is perceived by another entity. But then what about theoretical entities such as the Higgs boson? Do they exist?

If a thing is defined as something with mass and volume, but we have no way of defining existence itself in an objective manner, what do we mean by 'new'? A star which explodes has existed for many billions of years before doing so. How can it be new?

Thus, the word nova is at least innately paradoxical. However, it can also be given a new meaning altogether: It can mean 'something which appeared suddenly and unexpectedly'. This definition applies to Nova as well. In this sense, it is fitting to call a star exploding a 'nova' event.  (When thine eyes be single the whole body be full of light)

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