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What Will Happen With the Blue Star Kachina Prophecy?

Blue Star kachina is an allusion to what happens when one drinks water. Water is something that has no color, but it can be blue or red depending on the amount of minerals in it.

The Blue Star kachina is invisible to humans because they cannot see the past or future. It's not that the Blue Star kachina isn't real, it's just that its existence can't be perceived by humans.

The Blue Star kachina is the messenger of death, because it comes to humans from a place that they cannot perceive.

I'll start off with a quick review of the Blue Star kachina. In Western culture, it is an allusion to what is termed as the 'evil eye', in which one who possesses this ability can harm people just by looking at them or even thinking about harming them. The phenomenon was first documented by Pliny the Elder in 77 AD, and has been well documented since then.

As a result of the Blue Star kachina being an allusion to this phenomenon, it is viewed as malevolent and its appearance is thought to be unlucky. This could possibly explain why the Hopi Indians have put a ban on public appearances of Blue Kachinas.

There are a number of other possible explanations for the Blue Star Kachina appearing to be evil, but I will direct you toward two primary ones. The first explanation is that they are an allusion to Kokopelli.

Kokopelli is a fertility deity, who has been worshipped since prehistory as a phallic symbol. The Hopi are one of the tribes that have worshiped Kokopelli for many centuries.

The Blue Star Kachina is an allusion to Kokopelli because it shares similar appearance and characteristics. In many religious depictions, the kachina appears with a flute and a rattle, which are both attributes of Kokopelli.

The second explanation is that the Blue Star Kachina was inspired by Christian Pentecost, in which blue flames are said to have appeared during a gathering of Christians. 

There are no images or stories describing this event in Christianity, but it remains an important part of Christianity nonetheless.

The kachina was first described by the Hopi of northeastern Arizona in the Hopi language, and is believed to be an allusion to a white star that appeared in 1805. The Kachinas are spirit messengers who come from villages with their own spiritual leaders called koskalas. They live beyond the blue sky, where they can see everything happening on Earth at any time. When people die and go to their village under the blue sky, these spirits will welcome them.

The Hopi believe the Kachinas (spirits) live in part on Earth and in part at a place called Third World. They can travel from one to another with their spiritual power, which they use for healing or sorcery.

The Kachina are also regarded as the messengers of Masaw, who is the Creator. The Hopi believe that Masaw once lived on Earth with humanity in a world where there was no death or suffering. However, people became so wicked and corrupt that they turned away from him.

Eventually, Masaw returned to Earth as Kachina spirits. The Hopis believe the Kachinas were sent to remind them of how things used to be in the world where there was no death or suffering.

The Kachina are considered to be the personification of all that is good on Earth. They bring rain, fertility, happiness and prosperity.

The Kachina were created by Masaw to remind people that they are not simply human. They have a spiritual side as well, which is represented by each Kachina.

blue star kachina

The blue star kachina is an allusion to the christian bethlehem star, which was a common way of referring to the northern star, Polaris. This is because the north celestial pole will point directly at the location of Polaris from anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. The reason why it's called a "blue" star is because that color appears when you look towards Polaris through Earth's atmosphere- hence why it looks yellow or orange.

The blue star kachina does not directly precede the return of Jesus Christ who is a savior figure and whose coming is foretold in the Bible. It doesn't just precede him but leads a spiritual movement that influences his teachings.

The blue star kachina appears to be a supernatural figure in Hopi mythology. The anthropologist Frank Waters describes the Blue Star Kachina as follows:

The Blue Star Kachina, said to be a supernatural being who will someday appear on the horizon at sunset and come down to Earth, bringing his heavenly blue star with him. The Hopi believe that the final days before this event are marked by ever-increasing natural disasters: earthquakes, lightning storms and floods.

The Blue Kachina will usher in a new era of peace and prepare the way for the return of the Great Spirit. He will heal sickness, bring rain to parched fields, and calm storms on earth.

The return will be marked by the advent of new plant life, a gentle rain which produces a good harvest, and the disappearance of great evil. The Hopi will then have to decide whether they want to join or remain apart from this New World Order.

The Hopi are not alone in their beliefs. There is a strong theme of the return of Quetzalcoatl and his bringing with him the blue star, which is often depicted as an approaching fireball or comet. This has also been called Chilam Balam.

A few have said that the Blue Star Kachina is a precursor to what can be called 'The Great Awakening'. This awakening will happen when the people see how they are being misused. It has been stated that during this time, many of those who do not awaken or come out of their slumber will turn against humanity. They will fight and lash out because of fear. During this time there may be more wars than ever in human history.

Others have said that the Blue Star Kachina is an omen of a great disaster. They say it will arrive after the "disappearance of land" and before "the emergence into light". This disappearance may be a reference to our cities, buildings, etc., being destroyed by earth changes. Before this happens there would be warnings such as floods and earthquakes.

The Hopi have said that this kachina will come to the people in one of three forms, blue star, red star or yellow star. The Blue Star Kachina is a messenger and it has been given the mission to awaken the people. 

There are others who say that when he arrives there will be no place to hide from him.

I don't believe that it will be possible to survive the Blue Star Kachina's arrival. The Hopi say that only a few will survive and they are those who live in harmony with nature.

The Blue Star Kachina will appear in the eastern sky. He will be large and bright, his body like a grinding stone. It is said that he will make a loud noise and cause great destruction to the land . After this time of purification there will come peace.

I have heard that the Hopi believe that we are now in the Fourth World. They say there were three worlds before this one and they all ended in disaster. The first world was destroyed by flood, the second world was destroyed by fire, and the third world ended in a great battle.

As you know, the Blue Star kachina is an important religious symbol amongst some Native American cultures. It represents many concepts, but one of those is something called a 'star bearer.' The star bearers are believed to bring knowledge to man and woman.

There is a lot of speculation on when the Blue Star kachina will come to Earth. Some believe it has already arrived, as in the form of Jesus Christ.

That is a rather interesting theory. I see many similarities in the story of Jesus to the legend of the Blue Star kachina.

One of the main differences is that Jesus is believed to be a star bearer, while the Blue Star kachina is thought to bring knowledge. 

A lot of people believe this knowledge will come as a result of extraterrestrial contact.
So, in a sense, Jesus is an extraterrestrial. His arrival to Earth was thought of as the beginning of a new era for man and woman.
This is a long way of saying Jesus was all about the knowledge, and not so much about bringing it to Earth.

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