Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Human consciousness - Part Three - Living The Dream

Previously we touched on dreaming, intuition and knowledge.  There is a connection that needs to be made here in order for us to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.  The first being is that all consciousness is dream consciousness and our subconscious is connected to our waking consciousness.  The two do not exist independently of each other.  We just think that they do because of our conditioned perception and I can prove this.  How you may ask, well continue reading.

The way that we can know this for absolute fact is when we fall asleep we are still conscious.  Anyone that has ever had a dream knows this that our consciousness lives on.  Anyone that has a lucid dream knows this even better.  All that is happening when we are dreaming is we are shifting our focus away from the here and now and then a new reality emerges.  Those of us who have ever experienced precognition via dreaming know that time and space do not really exist.  They only do because of our focus and our belief and mostly due to fear or stress.

Fear and stress tend to prevent us from seeing past the illusion outside of us. Fear and stress also can prevent us from dreaming or seeing past our present situation.  In order to get a greater vantage point the two must be eliminated.  Previously we touched on the two subjects but now we can take it a step further.  Fear and stress are simply indicators that we are not perceiving our reality properly and we have filters that are preventing us from aligning our perception and energies with the desires world we want to see outside of ourselves.  So in order to be free of stress and fear we need to let go!  Let go of anything that causes us stress and shift our focus.  Just like we do when we dream.

What happens when we dream and what kind of principles exist in the dream world?  Well the answer to that is , the same principles as our waking reality.  Our thoughts and intention manifest our reality.  In the dream world it is a bit more pronounced however, so to live the dream in the waking world we have to simply do what we do when we fall asleep.  Let go of our current in front of our face perceptions, stresses and burdens and imagine.  When we imagine or day dream, we align our energies and focus positively to a desired reality.  So if we can do this when we sleep and we can experience realities that are more desirable for us, logic follows that we should be able to do this when we are awake.  When we gain enough practice doing this while awake we should start to have lucid dreams regularly and eventually the line between waking and dreaming should merge into one reality.

Remember that all that is happening when we dream is we are shifting perception or focus.  Many times when we go to sleep stressed about something we tend to dream about it.  Sometimes when we go to sleep about something or thinking about someone we tend to dream about them too.  Even further many brilliant people that have lived on this planet have received answers to things about what they need to know in dreams.  How did they do this?  Using the principles explained above.  They allowed themselves to realize that the answers are all within themselves and intended to know something and allowed it by getting out of the way so to speak and not existing in fear or worry and eventually the answers came to them.  It is all about shifting focus and perception by letting go.  Letting go equates to the path of least resistance.

The path of least resistance is the path we all need to adhere to.  Anything less than that is taking us into a reality or dream that we may not necessarily want to experience.  When we let go and allow the path of least resistance into our lives internally, our external world usually takes the same shape as what is going on within us.  Actually it always does , if we understand and recognize the as within so without principles.  If we are feeling stressed out our outer world is usually no more present than our inner world, but what we must remember is that there is no difference between the two.  Everything that is on out the outer is a reflection of what is happening on the inner.  Close our eyes to the undesirable circumstances of the world and create a new one within just like what happens when you fall asleep.  It works every time.

Get to the point where you act and feel as if you are dreaming all of the time.  That is the goal because in actuality it is the truth.  You are dreaming.  You always have been dreaming.  We have just been lead to believe that we are not and even when we die we are still dreaming as our consciousness goes on.  Our consciousness remains.  If you have ever had a near death experience or an out of body experience or astral projection.  This can all be recognized as true.  So then with all this knowledge in mind we can begin to live free.  Shifting our perception is the answer.  Live like how you feel before you fall asleep.  Live like you are just about to fall asleep all of the time.  In the state of hyper consciousness.  This is the best way to live the dream.  You need to be able to bridge the gap between fear and subconscious.  The less fear you have the greater the link is with the subconscious.  When the link is strong with the subconscious then you have alignment and your waking reality will start manifesting as fast as it does within a dream or lucid dream and everything you experience in a dream can be realized in our waking life.  This is one of the biggest secrets there is.  If you can learn to master this, life is your oyster.

So what have we learned?  Perception is reality.  There is a laundry list of things in this world that will draw us into undesirable circumstances pretty much always created by other people.  Sometimes we get drawn into useless drama we don't want.  How did we get there?  We got sucked into it?  How do we get out of it?  Withdraw from the situation at hand.  How do we dream when we fall asleep?  Shut our perception to our waking reality.  How do we manifest a new reality?  Shut our perception to our current state of reality and "image" - "in" a new one.  Continuously imagine this new reality by building it into your new reality step by step.  Taking the pieces of information that come to you intuitively and that excite you and constantly add more information to it until the bigger picture unfolds.  These pieces of information are like stepping stones one leading you to another until finally you arrive at your desired intention.  The longer you hold your perception either perceived or imagined and the more excitement and positive energy you feed to it the faster it will become a reality.  

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