Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Writing (riting) as a RITual for Manifestation

Writing is an art of Manifestation. An idea in the mind can be manifested to a physical form through writing, which is why I see it as a ritual for that purpose.

However, there are many rituals that can be performed as a way to manifest an idea. Rituals themselves have very diverse meanings and intentions for the performers.

For example, a ritual of hunting can be performed for the purpose of food acquisition or to satisfy the hunter's desire. A ritual like marriage is often used as a political tool.

The human mind has two ways of thinking. The first is conscious thinking, in which a person makes judgments and decisions after contemplating the situation at hand.

The second is subconscious thinking, in which the person is not really aware of his or her decision-making process. The unconscious mind often makes decisions for a reason we're unable to describe.

Writing is the art of conscious thinking, so it can be seen as a ritual for Manifestation.

We must first understand that writing is a form of communication. Writing in itself has no utility, except to communicate ideas and information from one person to another.

The reason why humans continue to write, despite the existence of other forms of communication is because it has a ritualistic nature. By writing, we are fulfilling our human desire for self-expression.

However, there is a fundamental flaw in the way humans express themselves. This is because we are not writing for ourselves.

We are writing for others. However, when we do this, our message becomes distorted and convoluted because we have to think about how the reader will see it.

The fundamental purpose of writing is lost. We are no longer expressing ourselves, but instead we are thinking about how others will interpret our words.

How can we fix this? I believe the answer is to stop writing for others and start writing for ourselves.

Writing is indeed a ritual for Manifestation. It would be more accurate to say that the act of writing itself, not necessarily what is written, can manifest one's thoughts and emotions in this world.

When you write something in this world, you are making a copy of your thoughts and emotions, as well as the content of whatever it is that you wrote. This gives them physical presence in the world.

The act of writing a book can be viewed as a ritual for Manifestation, in the sense that it is an attempt to create copies of your thoughts and emotions, or yourself. The same applies to any form of expression through art.

There are many aspects of writing that can be considered a ritual, indeed several types. One aspect is the very technical process of writing itself. There is the actual physical act which involves pressing keys and moving one's hands across a surface to produce symbols on paper or a screen. You cannot type without using your hands and fingers in particular patterns at certain keystrokes, you must actually move your arms and shoulders as well as your fingers in specific ways to accomplish this activity.

This process is indeed a ritual, in some ways. I suppose you could say that the practice of writing has become so ingrained into us as we have grown up and learned how to read and write over the years that it has become second nature.

But while this may seem like a trivial thing, the ritualistic aspect of writing goes much deeper. Writing is an important part of our culture and society as we know it today. It has become so ingrained into us such that there are specific things we do when we write that are expected by those around us.

To write or not to write, that is the question. When writing, you are expected to do so in a specific way. For example, if you were to sit down and begin writing an essay about something like American politics for school, there are certain things that go into making up this type of text.

First, you must have a thesis that states the argument that you are attempting to make. From there, you should develop your argument so that it is more concise and easier for others (in this case your teacher) to understand.

Further, you should be able to back up your arguments with evidence from sources that are credible. You may find books and articles written by experts in the field of American politics or perhaps you could watch videos on Youtube posted by people who have a lot of knowledge about what they are talking about.

Writing is an interesting practice that I believe can be a source of great power, yet it is also one which can be greatly abused. The act of writing itself has no inherent value and so the utility or otherwise depends on the content of what has been written.

I would suggest that it is entirely possible to use this practice to create a "personal religion" or "world view".I believe that writing can be an excellent tool for the purpose of developing such a personal religion. The act of writing has the capacity to have a great impact on one's psychological state and can therefore alter how one perceives reality.

There are many religions where the act of writing is often considered to be extremely important. In some cases, such as Islam, it is even considered to be a sin not to write down and record one's thoughts in an organised fashion.

I believe that writing can be used as a powerful tool for shaping both one's own psychological reality and the reality of others. The act of writing is an extremely efficient way to crystallize an idea, belief or opinion.

However, it is important to note that writing is not the only way of creating a personal religion. Other practices such as yoga and meditation can have much the same impact.

My personal belief is that the act of writing can be a very powerful tool for changing one's reality and perception of the world. It has been my experience that it can have an incredible impact on one's psychological state.

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