Monday, December 21, 2020

How the Media is Using Covid-19 to Manipulate Society (Various Examples)

The media has been feeding us horseshit for a very long time.  I was posting videos on YouTube before they were taking them down immediately after I posted them.  Subscribe to this blog for more information and continuous videos about how they are using magic and sorcery to persuade public opinion.  I also have a lot of other information on this blog but will be making videos on this topic and breaking down the videos I watch on a daily basis and providing deeper detailed analysis..

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  1. You are a godsend. I found your website on a Youtube comment for a RebelNews video. Having that oneness with self and the world really is the answer. Lately whenever I watch news I seem to read people better than ever. Their faces, emotions and intent all appear more clear. And this is only scratching the surface. Imagine what a spiritually ascended person can do. I will keep mediating and hopefully one day awaken my kundalini. Thank you for your incredible work!


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