Friday, December 25, 2020

The Mask is NOT Protecting You. It is Taking Away Your Magical Power and Making You Sick! Here's How

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God.  

- John 1:1

A human being or a person is based completely around frequency.  This is encoded in the words "human" and "person".  "Hu" Hu (ḥw), in ancient Egypt, was the deification of the first word, the word of creation, also the word "hum" indicates vibration.  If we look at the word "person" and we break it apart and isolate "son" we have a root word stemming from the word "sonar" which essentially indicates sound.  The point I am getting at there is that sound is the basis of all creation.

If we are unable to express ourselves through sound, we are lowering our vibration and causing illness.  A face covering or mask is minimizing the vibration coming out of our mouth and distorting it and muffling it thus causing a reduction in vibration everywhere.  Humans lose their ability to manifest anything with a covering over their face and slowly but surely end up becoming sick as a result.  The Coronavirus has taken away our ability to create with sound as a result of mask wearing.

With words and spells as in spelling we shape our reality through uttering tones and vibration.  With a obstacle in front of our mouths, the vibration becomes distorted and so does our reality.  The forced mask wearing is an attack on our inherent ability to be creators and create the world around us.  This is also true for the barriers around everyone in stores.  This is also blocking the flow of sound and vibration and isolating us.  The orders to stay in our houses are doing the same thing.  We are unable to connect to one another through heart and sound coherence and thus by doing this we usher in a world of sickness all around us.

By willingly accepting these mandates we forfeit our ability to spell cast and create reality effectively.  As everyone participates in this collectively the overall frequency of the planet is reduced and thus human beings cannot unify and ascend into the collective consciousness and thus remain slave to a governing body of individuals who already know this information and use it against us.

Health and wellness is about remaining in a state of oneness.  To be "immune" is to be ONE.  To be abundant is to be absent of undulation.  If we are constantly undulating through our thoughts about what is happening and are generally in a state of confusion we will never be in a state of oneness and will succumb to the vibrations bringing us all down and will eventually get "dis" eased to the point we will start exhibiting symptoms of the so called "corona" or "aura" virus as we are all again frequency beings made up of sound and color (hue).

These are the fundamental basics of spirit.  The medicines we are being sold do nothing but repress us and keep us enslaved in a revolving door system slowly degrading us over time until we rott away into nothingness dying and decaying, never ascending and reaching our full potential as creators.  Expect that as long as any mask wearing orders are in place for the world to become extremely chaotic and for illness to spread like wildfire.  Everyone is aware that the wearing of masks is doing nothing statistically and this is why.  The mask was never designed to protect you because viruses begin and end in the mind.  The science or PSY or PSI - ence again begins and ends in the mind.  ALL IS MIND and ALL CONSCIOUSNESS is dream consciousness.  "Sci" comes from the word "scire" which means to know.  The word "consciousness" is a "con" on knowing.

Note:  The bad news they put out on Christ MASS was to break you.  "Breaking" news is to break you.  You know like a breaking noose they try to snap our necks!  Please link to my blog and share it as much as possible to get the information out.  I work tirelessly on this and the public needs to know how to defend themselves!

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