Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Human consciousness - Part Two - Prerequisites for ascension

As discussed in part one the will and intention and acquisition of knowledge is the path of the adept in overcoming the exoteric mental mind prison created for humanity.  The esoteric path is one of a Gnostic.  The Gnostic sees the world as a trap as it is weak and feeble and enforced by an overlord many term the demiurge.  In many religions followers believe in this figure to be God but actually is not.  It is the being who makes you feel less than perfect, guilty and in need of admonishment.

This is essentially the source for which all of the struggle emanates from in humanity.  From matter and from the adherence to anything less than inner knowledge, illumination, logic and reason.  The God that many aspire to behold is actually much greater and more all embracing than which many religions profess and teach and which many people know or can know.  The true essence of oneself and esoteric understandings draw from the inner reservoir we are all connected to and that is the subconscious.  

The greater inner realms and the greater inner reality is something we all share as humans and draw from on a regular basis automatically its just that most do not realize this.  We have been told that dreams , which are the main and simplest aspect of our subconscious are simply only thoughts playing themselves out while we sleep from the daytime and this is simply not so.  Our dreams and subconscious are the essence of who we are yet we fail to realize this simple fact within us all.  The whole main and integral part that binds us together is our dreams.  It is the common bond between us all yet we seek outer or exoteric answers to an esoteric truth that is active in all of us for 8 hours a day our whole lives.

Dreams are not the totality of our subconscious however.  Dreams are just what is apparently going on beneath the surface that we can all acknowledge as being something we have experienced.  There are many more ways in which we can experience the subconscious like meditation, trances, hallucinogenic substances, yoga, astral projection, out of body experience, Deja vu and also commonly reported near death experiences.  Other experiences like synchronicities and the paranormal are other examples that relate to the subconscious.  Psychic experiences and other supernatural abilities also emanate from the subconscious.

So how do we really get the subconscious to work for us?  Well we do this by first understanding the main mechanisms to which we function are and those are our will and intention.  Everything we do while positive or negative are a result of our will or intention.  From the time we are born into this world and are beginning to crawl or from the time we are fully grown our will is something we are born with and is always with us causing us to evolve and  strive towards mastering.

The thing with our will is that it is so much greater than we can imagine and if we as humanity in general were all aware of this, we would be an enlightened society in no time.  Most, however are asleep to the fact that we are all powerful co-creator beings and settle for just doing repetitive menial tasks for a paperback return as money for our time and energy.  This is the reality for so many people although this is not how we are meant to live.  We are meant to live from the mind and the heart and we are to use the two in tandem to utilize the energies of the universe to bend to our will.  

All of us on some level or another are already doing this, but for the most part are wasting our power by giving it away to someone else or we are otherwise just not consciously aware of it.  

How are we giving our conscious power away to others you ask?  We are doing that by letting others educate us from a very early age and indoctrinate us rather than learn to think and act for ourselves using logic as our highest form of understanding.  Instead we are using coerced into neglecting the fact that we are all connected to an infinite consciousness and are fed information we are meant to regurgitate without , for the most part any real crucial examination of what we are being told.  Our mind and our bodies have limitless potential but instead of rationally choosing the path to unfolding this within ourselves we are living by the unexamined part of ourselves and doing what we are told so to speak.  For the most part that is all anyone is really capable of due in part that they have not known any different way to think.

So how do we think to get the subconscious to work for us?  This is the ten million dollar question and for many it requires many years of research, training and discipline.  From my experience it comes from knowing or from direct internal experience called gnosis.  It is from having or drawing from connections that originate from within on some level or from some connection to the subconscious that connect to "waking" reality.

Not everyone can or will be able to experience this right away.  For most people may have experienced fleeting notions or experiences that they have not been able to make a connection to but the whole point is making the connection to the experiences that you have here and there if at all and forming a larger world view or dream view.  It is the essence of becoming a master creator or master builder.  This is an actual term and description for a mystic or one who wishes to bridge the gap between being awake and being asleep or more specifically being subconscious while being conscious and being able to fully create and manifest any reality you deem fit.  This is also realizing your soul purpose and living your purpose as a co creator or being one with God.  This is also the path to the ascension of the soul which so many people talk about and also can be described and becoming enlightened.

Generally speaking the fastest way and initial step to making the connection to the subconscious is by changing our perception.  As we have discussed our perceptions are highly influenced by society and media and need to change in order for us to become free and awaken to a deeper understanding of self.  To change our perception we have to realize the key that everything happens for a reason.  We have to begin seeing the positive in life and viewing everything that happens as a glass half full scenario because that is how God really intended it.  By beginning to practice this we begin to change not only our perception but our energy and auric field which will open us up to becoming the magnetic beings that we are.  A good resource for helping oneself change perception is the law of attraction by Abraham Hicks.  Once you have undertaken the practice of changing your perception on a level of more than 50% of the time you will start to recognize synchronicities and manifestations that have to do with thoughts you are thinking coupled with your intention.  You may also start to notice interesting or unusual dreams.  Often times an experiencer will notice the onset of master numbers such as 1111 222 333 444 555 and so on and so forth.  These are more signs that help to guide you and inform you that you are on the right track and the link to your subconscious is being established.

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