Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Switching on Theta Brainwave Activity

Theta brain waves can be thought of as a state where the consciousness is focused outside itself. It also happens to coincide with dream states, and this leads some people to believe that one's spirit leaves the body during sleep.

This view has many problems however, because you don't see your own spirit leaving your body when you are awake or in alpha brainwave states. You can feel spirits coming into your bedroom at night but you never see them leave, so it doesn't seem like they are going anywhere.

In addition, scientific research has found that it is very common for people to hallucinate spirits or ghosts in the same way they see visions and hear voices during meditation (and while dreaming). This supports the view that consciousness can project outside of the body.

But it also supports my other view because you are not seeing your own thoughts projected onto reality, but rather a kind of dream world in which you are free to interact.
If you look at the problem this way, it becomes clear that dreams are a lot like hallucinations and very different from spiritual experiences. Dreams happen when mind consciousness simply goes to sleep, while spiritual experience is active.

The nature of theta brain wave states is different from other brain waves, so this suggests that it is not a state where consciousness turns off like alpha and delta. Rather, it seems to be more of an inactive state in which you are still awake but your mind isn't conscious.
This may be why you are able to see spirits in dreams, because your mind isn't conscious or awake. But it's not completely unconscious either, because the body is still alive and so some kind of awareness must exist.

I think you should do whatever it takes to maintain a state of consciousness that is completely awake and aware. This means doing everything you can to avoid going unconscious or falling asleep.

It is true that theta waves are a very good state for humans to be in.
I also agree that we are in a bit of a 'elephant' situation. You may want to read up on the concept of change blindness.

However, I do not believe that the state of being in a constantly theta brainwave state is ideal. Even though it would be lovely to remove all negative from our lives and fully indulge in positive thinking (a goal which I am sure you share, as that appears to be your mantra), this simply isn't possible.

As I have stated in the past, humans are inherently emotional and irrational creatures. As such, they will naturally not be able to act rationally all of the time.
In my opinion, the goal of achieving a perfect state of rationality is noble and admirable. However, this may not be entirely possible.

There is no doubt that humans have the ability to function at a higher level of 'intelligence' and rationality than they currently do. However, I must remind you that there are two parts to intelligence: capability and motivation.

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