Monday, December 28, 2020

The Problem with Religion and "Cult" ture

I don't necessarily do religion. I understand where people are coming from however because I have been in many cults. I get the different worship of God's and Goddesses thing but I found in some cases to be very divisive and controlling and did not experience true unconditional love by the followers of different sects let alone any religious sects... especially when it came to expression of freedom of thought. I did find a connection to the divine in different groups, but when it came to having an opinion outside of some of these groups I was exiled and ostracized. This is not what God and true unconditional love is about from what I have experienced on my own path. There are 4300 recognized religions worldwide...or what I would call paths to higher consciousness, or in some cases lower. They again all boil down to the "point" of individual perception and interpretation. No human will hold the same world view as another exactly but this doesn't mean that those who think differently are wrong or condemned to hell or eternal suffering because this is how we were all created individually. Just like a snowflake. Some people want to experience "darkness" or ignorance and who is to say that they shouldn't be able to? Everyone is on a process of evolution or evolving (evil--->light) We live in a quantum universe meaning there is enough "space" to "quant"-ify all experience without infringing on others ideas if we act in accordance with natural laws. The only real spiritual experience people should be concerning themselves with is gnosis. (No sys) or abundance (absence of undulation) aka the elimination of polarizing concepts.... like sin and repentence... or forgiveness (fore-given/predestination) If a religion (Re-legion/RA-login) helps you get where you need to be, all the power to you but I have experienced no-sys without the aid of religion in a near death experience, meditation and with psychedelics and have learned that the human idea of God is far beyond our ability to comprehend even with all the religious ideas in the world today combined. God or the unified field is much bigger than the human experience and is pure unlimited love/knowledge/understanding and doesn't care to exercise judgement from a human perspective. More or less we are here experiencing cause and effect relationships of duality and thus there is no need to re "pent" or to (enclose, confine, repress) ones way of being. I have found in doing so results in unnecessary emotional distress and repetitive thought loops. I think we should all be learning to be better people but rather than "repenting" in the sense of religious dogma, we should rather re-"point" our in-"tension" to a more aligned "state" which would enable us to achieve a direct connection to our intuition and ultimately the divine like sorcery which is really just "source" ery... "It" is all about what the point is, or purpose. What do each of us really want in any given moment? Every act we make is a choice, religion or no religion this "act" (all life is a stage/script) supersedes everything. That is of course if you believe in freewill or choice, which I do not just the illusion of it. I think the choices are already made. After all how can they not be if God is omniscient? There is nothing new under the sun.... Everyone has a "choice" so to speak, but most get caught up in thought loops and group think minimizing their ability to maximize this power which is really just the power of the "one". This isn't necessarily a bad thing or a good thing, there is just more to us individually than conforming to "cult-ure" or political correctness in my opinion.

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