Monday, December 7, 2020

How to Fine Tune Intention?

The key to fine tuning intention is expanding your awareness. You must expand the scope of what you are willing to be aware of.

You see, intention is a very powerful tool and not to be used in vain. It is like a gun, if you fire it at the wrong target, it can cause unintended consequences.

You must also be careful of your intention towards yourself. The world is a crazy place, and you are in the center of all that craziness.

You must first be aware of your intentions for yourself. Be aware that you have an intention to do something, and then execute the action as expected.

As you expand your awareness, you will notice that there are going to be strange things happening around you. Like the universe is doing everything in its power to get your attention.

You might feel like there are all these forces acting upon you. You must not lose sight of your intention.

To manifest something one needs energy. Energy can come from many sources such as food, light, movement, etc. The structure of the system you want to create also makes a difference in how much and what kind of energy is required to bring that into existence.

Negative thinking actually consumes more energy than positive thinking because negative thoughts cause feelings of unhappiness. The brain is a biological computer that can only process information, not create it.

Positive thinking doesn't necessarily create positive emotions. The amount of energy required to manifest something is not just based on the structure but also how much you want it and what you are willing to give up in order to obtain that thing.

For example, if you want to manifest something but don't care about anything else at the moment, it will take a lot less energy than wanting something and sacrificing everything else that you have.

Similarly, if you don't care about anything and have no desires or goals then it will be easy to manifest what you want because there is nothing that can stop the manifestation from happening.

When you feel the most happy, your brain is releasing a lot of dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine makes us want more pleasure while serotonin brings feelings of well-being

working with intention

In your mind, the outside world is composed of physical objects. However, this is only one layer in a complex system of layers and levels that make up the actual reality that you live in.

Right now, you are thinking about the physical level of reality. This is where all of your thoughts and emotions reside. The world that you experience here is subjective and personal.

Below the physical level is a mental, or 'mental' level of reality. This layer contains everything that exists in your mind and your thoughts.

Your thoughts are made up of brain chemicals and electrical impulses. These are the instructions for what you should think about in your personal world.

Your personal world is a reflection of yourself. It comes directly from your body, and it's mostly centered around your physical needs.

The best way to manifest something out of the mental realm is to not focus on it. The mind has a tendency to want things that you don't have, or don't even know exist. If you focus too much on what you want, your mind will filter all possible solutions through how they can get whatever it wants.

Imagine a small child who wants candy. You give him a cookie and he's not happy because it isn't candy.

If you tell a small child that they can have candy, and then give them candy when they ask for it, the child will not ask again. That's because he already got what he wanted.

If you focus too much on the candy, it is easy to get burned out and frustrated. If you do not focus on the candy and just give him a cookie when he asks for one, then he will ask for another cookie later.

In the same way, your mind does not want to be told that it will get what it wants. It's like telling a spoiled child that they can have candy, and then later making them wait for their reward.

You must keep your mind focused on things that you already have. The mind has a tendency to focus on what it doesn't want, because it wants more than one thing.

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