Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Human Consciousness Part One - Are We Living in Reality?

What is reality?  Can it be defined?  I would say not other than through experience.  I would say what we see and experience on a day to day basis in our society is as far away as it can get from our true matured nature.  Sadly, few aspire to reach higher levels of consciousness and explore greater realities than what we experience on a daily basis but why is this?

Most people are lulled by mainstream media, politics, and meager distractions and never look any further than the consensus or the public opinion.  Most people have a fear based complex in which they feel the need to be politically correct or they will not be accepted in society and I believe this is the biggest stumbling block that humanity is currently facing.  I also believe that it is a deliberate creation or control of the mind descendant from the government as we all know the etymology of that word means to govern the mind.

It is this crutch that allows people in power to remain in power and the power structure to live on.  We are not presented with esoteric truths,  We have mostly exoteric explanations for  why things are the way that they are, but what does this really mean?  This means exoterically speaking the explanation for certain things do not typically follow logic or reason.  Exoteric explanations for things do not resonate with our intuition.  They are just paths of false or allegorical knowledge like fairy tales that have no core essence to them or that are not thoroughly or rationally examined as to discover the deeper meaning. The esoteric explanation for things is the hidden or deeper meaning which follows extremely perfected knowledge and reason and links us to the subconscious and the greater world that most people fail to uncover.

It is this separation of wisdom of outer from inner that clogs the spiritual and intuitive channels and creates the stranglehold on society that we see and feel every single day of our lives.  It is these insecurities that are created due to our lack of understanding truth because we do not have the discipline of mind to think properly or logically to separate illusion from fact, or from just generally a greater understanding or awareness that is hidden and latent within us all.

Most things that we see or hear have nothing to do with spiritual truths.  What we hear on TV is entertainment.  People exploring physical limitations through sports and also in the news.  On the news what we hear is very dumbed down nonsensical information that does nothing to enlighten us and more or less only inflicts more illogical thought patters in our lives by way of fear or false or fake news stories altogether created to further bring down the consciousness of the observer,

This continues to work because people want the easy route in life.  They want to feel accepted and to fit into the mass consciousness but as we know those who ever made any real impact in life were always ridiculed and never took the general path in life.  They were always the individuals that were either recognized after their time or persecuted during their reign.  This is normally the path the adept faces when seeking deeper knowledge coming from a place of ignorance.  This is also why so many people reject esoteric knowledge because it is a path of pain and hard work, most of which people are unprepared for or would rather reject altogether.  The martyrs were always the ones that went against the status quo.

The inner path or the esoteric path is one that the seeker must overcome pretty much all fears in life to accomplish.  It involves mastery of the mind and using it to create reality rather than having reality dictated for you.  Most of the saints, prophets, avatars or deities became one on some level with this higher consciousness knowledge. 

The path we all walk in life is unique to each and every one of us and at the end of the day cannot be judged,  We are here to experience what we want whether we contribute to the downfall of ourselves and society in some way or we serve to elevate consciousness, the choice is up to us and souls and we serve as a part of the whole.  Unfortunately in this realm it is easier to fall than to ascend.  Easier to destroy than to create.  Which is why for the most part what we observe based on our current understanding and exoteric sciences and religion, we all live in this cycle of death and rebirth and we are constantly in a state of struggle and survival.  Little do we know that this is not all their is to life.

There is a greater truth and that greater esoteric truth is eternal life.  It is heavily intertwined with exoteric stories that are found throughout many religions.  None which clearly outline truly how to achieve these states of self realization.  The only way truly knowing how to do this is by close self examination and scrutiny and adherence to our own innate beings and energies.  Then and only then can the reality of eternal life become a reality.  We have to face the inner truths and hidden natures of our consciousness to truly recognize who we are as beings.

Of course religions provide us with rules and are a general handbook for morality, however we know that over the ages religions and the pure and initial teachings are not held in such high esteem and mostly have become perturbed and distorted due to those who wish to have power over others and cannot fully be relied upon.  Yes the core teaching shine through, but exoteric teachings often times take us further away from the parables and deep mysteries of religion than we care to admit and further often lead to fundamentalist viewpoints that lead to the opposite of what the original teachings were meant to convey.

What is to be said of personal experience is not my intention to judge.  Each walk their own path but a good rule of thumb to remember when seeking truth is that all teachings must coincide with logic and reason otherwise they are misleading and a lie and will ultimate lead to division.  We see this across the world in the two major religions of Islam and Christianity.  The is very little unity and we see very few Christ like characters walking the earth to date.  Very few resemble and represent the truest teachings of the holy prophets of these religions.

In fact most of the religions to date emphasize on a coming messiah and for the most part instruct the followers to wait on this religious figure rather than undergo the process of self examination required for the ascension of consciousness to lead into new awareness.

My place in writing these pages are not to bring religion into human consciousness.  My views in religion and the views of others need to be separate here.  My intention is to look at the driving force of the human condition and that is the will of the individual.  I will briefly reference religious aspects but only as to strengthen my focal point on the process of esoteric education and in relation to creation and manifestation in general.

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