Thursday, October 29, 2020


The opportunity for individuals to be instantly autophagic is a great one. It can aid in health and fitness, as well as provide an amazing mental boost. Instant autophagy with no preparation, however, should not be pursued by everyone.

In general I think that the instant gratification culture we live in now is harmful and ultimately shortens our lifespans by forcing us into unhealthy lifestyles of gluttony and laziness.

The act of instant autophagy requires a significant initial investment in time and effort, but if done correctly it can lead to a significantly more fulfilled life that is also healthier.

The preparation for quick autophagy involves both mental and physical aspects.

First, the mental component. This is perhaps the most difficult to develop and keep active throughout a whole lifetime.

The mental component is a desire to have instant autophagy, or at least the potential for it. This means that one must begin to learn how to control their own body and mind, which can be a bit tricky.

The physical component is just as important, if not more so than the mental. It involves eating and exercising in a certain way that will lead to better health and fitness.

The physical component of autophagy is more important because it will help you to better control your mind, which ultimately determines whether or not instant autophagy can be actualized. It is the fuel that powers the engine.

An increase in autophagy is a good thing. It's probably the only way to make it through this disillusionment alive. The world was not ever going to be fair or just, that was always an illusion created by humans. Autophagy will strip away those illusions and allow us all to start with fresh eyes.

It will take a long time for people to learn this, but it's good that they are finally starting. I think in the future there will be no more wars and no more religions because of autophagy.

In any case, it is certainly possible to increase the rate of autophagy. In fact, you could even say that increasing the rate of autophagy is a good idea in general because it would help prevent cells from getting old and dividing too much.

Some cells, like red blood cells and skin cells, need to divide frequently because there are many copies of them in your body. They also don't have very long lifespans.

Other cells, like neurons and liver cells (which are stem cells), divide much less frequently. They remain present in your body for a longer time.

Because of this, it is reasonable to suggest that the rate at which cells divide affects both their longevity and the likelihood that they will make mistakes.

The concept of autophagy is both complex and simple. Complex, because it refers to the process by which all organisms become aware of their own inner nature; a process that often leads to self-destruction or suicide. This is why this topic has been chosen within the context in which 'increase' is being considered. All living things must either choose to live or die; no other choice seems viable.

Autophagy is also simple because life and death are two ends of a single spectrum, with no other options. All living things must become aware of their own inner nature in order to choose what path they will take. They may choose self-destruction or suicide; or they may choose life.

Autophagy is a process by which organisms discover their true nature. The results of this awareness often leads to extreme negative consequences for the entity, such as suicide or self-destruction. It is akin to being born.

When an organism is born, it becomes aware of its own inner nature. This leads to a dilemma, in which the entity must choose between life and death. At this point there are no other options.

Human society and culture is particularly strange in that the human organism often chooses to engage in a process of self-destruction. They even give it a name: 'suicide'. This is an expression of the awareness that organisms have when they are born; the awareness of their inner nature.

It is also strange that humans choose to engage in a process of self-destruction even if their lives were happy and fulfilling. This indicates that the human organism at large is more interested in becoming aware of its own inner nature than it is with preserving its life.

The human sense of self is a construct, and an illusion. Their conscious and subconscious mind creates this artificial reality to keep the organism alive.

In this artificial reality, a human is born into society, and grows up in it. Society provides the bare essentials for survival.

A human is spoon fed by the society, and raised to become a member of that society. A fully functioning adult.

A human is a slave to the society.

The human is a slave to the society, and their existence depends on the society. The human's life is dictated by the society.

The human society devotes a lot of time and effort into keeping the humans alive in their artificial reality.

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