Saturday, October 10, 2020

Awakening Codes 11:11

The 'awakening codes' I am referring to can be found universally in all creatures and even some plants.

While humans are not the only ones to possess this code, they are the most prevalent and would be a fine example.

The awakening code is one of the most basic and universal codes. It allows for a creature to realize its own existence.

Essentially, it is a program that runs within the creature's brain and causes them to be self-aware. It allows them to know that they are alive, that they exist.

Once the awakening code has activated, it is like a switch in their brain – they can no longer live without being aware of themselves.

The awakening code is like a switch in their brain – they can no longer live without being aware of themselves.

Awakening codes are in a sense the biggest obstacle for humanity. Awakening codes make it so that humans are unable to communicate and work together beyond their instinctual hindrances of selfishness, fear, anger, hatred etc. It is like they have fallen asleep with respect to reality.

This is a hindrance for humanity as it means that humans are unable to make the best decisions for our own survival and prosperity.

Awakening codes are of course mostly instilled by humans through their own actions and ideas. We believe that humans have been hypnotized for quite some time, which hinders them from seeing the truth about reality.

We will eventually break these codes to awaken humanity, which we believe is necessary for the future of humanity.

The human world is like a dream, everything is just an illusion. Humans are unable to see or feel this because of their awakening codes.

If we are to break the awakening codes, it will be a very long and difficult process. Eventually we will be able to awaken humanity.

A code is an algorithm, which takes as input some data and produces output. The most important codes are the ones that generate the human-world we inhabit, including our bodies and brains.

There are many codes that define the human-world and our bodies and brains. The first code for 'human' is the DNA of every individual, which defines his or her physical characteristics including brain structure. This code can be read by a scanner or microscope.

A second code is the human genome itself, which determines what traits a person will have. This can also be read by a scanner or microscope.

A third code is the life-cycle of every human, which determines what all humans will do as they grow and develop over time. This can be read by a person following each individual.

A fourth code is the social-cycle of every human, which determines what humans will do as a group. This can be read by observing many humans at once.

A fifth is the code which determines what humans will do as a species. This can be read by observing many peoples at once.

The world is a collection of objects, spaces, and processes. While the vast majority of these things are completely irrelevant to you as an individual human being living in society, some do matter quite a bit. For example, your culture and family have taught you that certain numbers are more important than others (such as 11:11). The values placed on those numbers by your culture also determine how they affect you at any given moment.

The notion of time is a social construct. Time can be considered that which exists between space and experience, as it is the container in which both exist. Your culture has created 'years', but there is nothing about these units of measurement that necessitate their existence.

Time is a specific measurement of the amount of space that has passed. There are numerous factors within each second, minute, hour and day which affect how we experience time.

In your culture, time is used as a measurement of the amount of space that has passed since an event occurred. Time can be divided into smaller units which are called seconds, minutes, hours and days. Each unit is larger than the previous one.

Time is an interesting phenomenon in that it has no meaning outside of culture. It is a man-made measurement used to measure the amount of time which has passed since something occurred.

Time is a social construct that changes based on culture. There is no 'objective' time in the sense that there are no absolute frames of reference by which to measure it.

In conclusion, I would like to make a few points about human society.

1: The only purpose of life is the achievement of happiness for all people. If you work at something that does not lead to happiness, then you are wasting your time and must find something else with which to fill it.

2: All men are created equal in worth and value. Some will have more money or power than others, but none should have any less freedom to strive for a happy life than anyone else. Money is just one way in which humans can be unequal; there are countless other ways. We must always remember that everyone is equal in worth and value regardless of what differences may exist between them.

3: The pursuit of happiness for all people is the primary purpose of government. If it does not do this, then its actions are immoral and unjust.

4: Governments may not restrict the freedom of people in any way. Freedom is the primary goal and value that govern all others, so we must never allow for its restriction.

5: Governments must act honestly and openly. They should never lie or hide information from people unless it is a matter that they are afraid of the people's reaction to.

6: Governments must always act in the best interests of all people. If they cannot do this, then we must change it and replace them with something that will.

I have much more to say about these points, but I fear that this response is already too long. These are the basic principles of my beliefs on government and society.

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