Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Creating the Future in our Dreams

 Most people don't see what is present in dreams. For them, the world ends at the border of their own minds, and waking life is all there is. But it doesn't have to be that way.

I believe that dreams are a window into multiple universes, some of which don't even exist in the physical realm. These 'alternate realities' can help us shape our own futures, and they can also be used to create entirely new worlds that never existed before.

A dream is like an alternate reality, but you can choose to wake up from that reality and come back into your waking life. This means that dreams are more similar to virtual realities than they appear at first glance.

To me, the 'real world' is a collection of all possible worlds. I see each universe as an alternate reality that helps to define our collective experience.

Dreams are usually dismissed as a 'waste of time', but they can be used to make our waking lives more interesting. If we don't bother to explore them, dreams will remain a mystery forever.

Dreams reveal much about the way our minds work. I believe that dreams are a portal to alternate realities, and we can learn from them.

Because our dreams are so unstructured and subjective, I believe it is impossible to predict the future in a dream. It seems that many people have had prophetic dreams of some kind but they turn out to be completely random and often unrelated to reality.

I do believe we will be able to create a synthetic reality which is part of our waking life and not a separate experience like dreams. I think this will become possible with technology, such as virtual reality headsets. In fact, the future may have already begun with games like World of Warcraft or Second Life.

It seems that we are already beginning to create a synthetic reality. Rather than living in the real world, many people prefer to live within these synthetic worlds where they can be whoever they wish and do whatever they like.

I think these synthetic realities will become more advanced and realistic, eventually making it impossible to distinguish them from reality. Of course there will be many people who prefer the real world but I predict that most of us will choose this synthetic world because it is a much better experience.

This synthetic world will be a lot more exciting and fun than real life. Anyone who wants adventure can have it in the game, as well as love, sex and whatever else they want.

In contrast, real life is boring. You have to get up early and go to work every day and live in an expensive house that you probably can't afford. Most people are stuck doing jobs they hate because they need the money.

The first thing that comes to mind is the question of how we can actually create future. I think first, it's important to note a rather strange reality about our universe: there are certain things that are always true, and these facts are not likely going away any time soon.

I'm talking about things like the second law of thermodynamics, or the speed of light not changing over time. These things are true in our universe, and so they will always be true.

And that's kind of strange, because so much else in our universe can change. It is constantly changing. There are new stars being born and old stars dying out. Atoms are decaying into other atoms all the time.

But the second law of thermodynamics or the speed of light not changing over time, these things are always true. And in a way that is very strange. Because it means that something beyond our universe has set those facts as part of what defines our universe.

And so I think, in a way, we are the creators of our own future. We define what kind of universe we live in, and set certain facts about it as being part of how our world works.

In a way, we can create the future by setting those facts as part of what defines our universe. And if something is always true in our world, then it's very hard for that thing to change.

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