Thursday, October 29, 2020

Why Your Twin Flame Relationship Failed

Your twin flame relationship has failed, because it was based upon a false premise and faulty thinking. You thought you were in love with this person, but the reality is that your mind was seduced by lust. Lust at first sight or lust at first hearing.

The human mind is a highly imperfect mechanism. It has many flaws, as well as bugs. The biggest flaw of the mind is that it tends to think in straight lines, which makes it incapable of understanding reality.

Your mind was seduced by the beautiful face of your twin flame. It could not see who she really is, as its ability to see reality had been disabled by lust.

Your mind was also unable to see that your twin flame had a different agenda than you. She liked the fact that you were weak and helpless, while she could take advantage of you.

The human mind is also unable to see the big picture. It cannot grasp the fact that we live in a highly dangerous time, when mankind is facing extinction.

The human mind is incapable of understanding that it must protect itself from the evil in this world. Instead, it seeks to become part of the evil.

In my opinion, there are many reasons why a twin flame relationship may fail. From one perspective it is an opportunity for growth and in that sense, the failure of this relationship was most likely necessary to produce personal development within each partner.

On the other hand, many twin flame relationships are based on lust and not love. These relationships often do fail because of infidelity or simply because one person is more interested in sex than they are in a relationship.

From a more spiritual perspective, it is possible that twin flames are in fact one soul split into two different people. If that were the case then when these souls reunite they may not be able to recognize each other and their relationship would fail because of this inability to merge.

In a more general sense, twin flames require the perfect alignment of many factors for their union to be successful. In addition to the soul connection there must also be personality and life experiences that are compatible.

The life situations of each twin flame must also be similar if not almost identical. Otherwise, the relationship is likely to fail due to lack of common ground and shared interests.

I myself have experienced the failure of a twin flame union. It is not an easy thing to get over and for me it was something I had to heal from through time, introspection, and meditation.

Okay, so let's begin with the definition of 'twin flame'. From my perspective, a twin flame relationship is one that is created by a combination of free will and destiny.

Free will is the power to act without coercion or determination by prior causes. For example, I am writing a response to your topic because that's what I want to do, and not because of some external force compelling me.

Destiny, by contrast, is an immutable future that has been predetermined or foreordained. For example, I don't believe it's possible for me to write a different response than the one I'm writing right now. My actions are determined and constrained by things outside of my control.

A twin flame relationship is a situation where two people are brought together by destiny. However, their actions and feelings in the relationship are determined by free will.

The problem with a twin flame relationship is that it involves two people, and humans are inherently selfish creatures. In any event where we interact with another person, there can be no guarantee of their behavior.

You can't predict someone else's actions with certainty. If you could, then we would have complete free will and no need for twin flames.

What is a twin flame? I think it refers to one of the highest forms of love, which can only come into existence when two individuals are totally aligned with their purpose. It's not just romantic love, but includes friendship and other close relationships that are based on deep respect and admiration for each other

I think it's possible to have a twin flame relationship, but only if the individuals are fully aligned with their purpose. It requires that there is no conflict between them and they are totally free of doubt or fear.

But there are some people who have a deep seated conflict within themselves. They aren't 100% aligned with their purpose, and they don't feel secure inside themselves. These individuals will find it very hard to be in a twin flame relationship.

Sometimes people may be attracted to each other on the worldly level, but their purpose is not aligned. For example, a man might love his wife and children dearly, but also have a desire for sexual relationships with others. This conflict within himself will prevent him from having a twin flame relationship.

Sometimes twin flames get together and experience a lot of conflict. This is because they realize that their purpose isn't aligned, or one of them has doubts about what they want to do in life.

Sometimes people get together in a twin flame relationship, but the relationship doesn't work out. This may be because one of them has doubts about what they want to do with their life.

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