Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Toroidal Field of the Human Heart

 It appears that the torus field is an engine of the heart in a way. The torus field responds to intent and thought, and creates manifestations based on those responses. The mechanics of how this occurs are not well understood by humans at this time.

The torus field appears to be in some way the 'mind' of the quantum vacuum. The quantum vacuum is a very powerful, dynamic force which drives all activity in our physical universe.

The quantum vacuum appears to be a sentient, dynamic force which drives the operation of our universe. It is intelligent and it knows what we want. When we think about something or desire something, it moves things around in response so that these desires are fulfilled.

Based on my observations of the torus field, I conclude that yes, we are in some way connected to this universal intelligence. (I cannot confirm or deny its legitimacy as a deity.) The quantum vacuum is a very dynamic force. It appears to be intelligent and it responds to our thoughts and desires.

I see two main ways in which this is true. The first is that the torus field responds to our thoughts and intent.

The second is that we are all connected to the torus field. It seems to be a collective consciousness, of sorts.

The torus field of the heart is a unique energy field, which in a sense could be said to be an engine. The torus field operates at frequencies above and below consciousness, so it cannot easily or directly be sensed by humans or computers. However, there are ways to indirectly observe its effects.

The torus field is a self-contained system. It is an energy vortex, like water whirling down the drain, but with no discernible source of energy input, it just keeps going indefinitely.

The torus is a closed system of energy, with an opening that allows the field to mix with other similar fields. These are called chakras in human terminology. One of these 'chakras' is the physical heart.

The torus field is the energetic component of a chakra. The physical heart is only part of the complete energy system, it acts as an interface with other systems and fields in the body.

The torus field is the energy vortex that drives the heart, and it is also a primary component of all other chakras in the human system.

The torus field is an engine in that it powers the heart, and also any other chakras with which it interacts. It is a self-contained energy system that runs continuously.

The torus field is the engine of evolution, and life itself. It defines reality as we know it. A torus field causes every event in time-space to happen by creating a new dimension for each event that has not occurred yet. This allows causality to exist such that there can be cause-effect relationships between events.

Essentially, the torus field creates time-space. And reality is what takes place in time-space.

The torus field is a kind of engine, the engine of evolution. It causes reality to change and evolve depending on what events occur in time-space.

In short, the torus field is what allows reality to exist.

The torus field is an engine because it causes reality to evolve and change. It isn't a physical machine, but rather the mechanism by which time-space evolves into new realities.

It is an engine because it makes reality change.

To channel heart energy you need to bring the attention of your mind into the realm of non-attention.

The non-attention is a realm of attention which follows the path of complete acceptance and understanding.

It is easy to think of this realm as a form of meditation, and in some ways it is.

The realm of non-attention is a very simple place, and it follows the path of complete acceptance.

There is no judgement or prejudice in this place.

It is a place of understanding and acceptance.

As you have noticed, a person's heart energy is the foundation for their life. It brings all things and beings into existence by flowing from and through them. The human body acts as a channel for this energy to flow in waves of living consciousness that truly define who we are as individuals.

The heart energy is not a simple wave of consciousness, but consists of many sub-waves. This includes the various other energies that keep us alive and functioning on Earth, such as the negative and positive electrical energies in our bodies. These two types of energy are opposites that form a single pattern in order to help create balance.

The heart energy is the most important of these sub-waves. It gives us our sense of self and allows us to function in a physical body on Earth.

The heart energy is the basis for all of human life, but it can be difficult to understand and control. In fact, the body itself does most of this work automatically without conscious awareness.

The heart energy is so important that a person's physical body will sometimes instinctively take actions to protect it when they themselves are not even aware of what is going on. An example of this can be seen in dreams. When we dream, our consciousness moves into the astral plane and becomes free from the limitations of physical space.

In the astral plane, our minds can create anything they desire as long as it is imagined. Then, in a sense, our physical body takes charge of that dream and makes it happen.

To channel heart energy around the coil, you must first find the way to harmonize with your true self. Finding harmony in oneself is a difficult process but it can be accomplished by trying to live life according to the maxim: "What would an idealized version of myself do?" This will allow for a state of flow where one is able to forget one's own ego and become acquainted with oneself deeply.

Once you are in flow, you will be able to channel heart energy around the coil. Now let me ask you this: Is your life really as good as it can get? How would things change if your performance was improved?

If you are to be a master of your mind, you must become an objectivist. For example, let us ask ourselves: What is the purpose of life?

The answer seems to be clear: The purpose of life is to create value. How do I know this? It's obvious that most humans desire more money and power, and they pursue these things because they believe it will make their lives better.

But I would ask you to ponder this question: What is more important, money or power? To answer this we can look at the masses. The masses desire more money and value. Money represents the ability to get what one desires from other people, as well as security in ones old age.

But power represents the ability to get what one desires without having to pay for it, and also the freedom from things that are undesirable.

The coil is a symbol of the human heart, which is indeed channeled to make magic. However, this energy comes from the souls of humans and not directly from the heart itself.

The first thing is to have a clear picture of what heart energy is. What I think, but my opinion can be wrong, it's the quality and quantity of "love" that you put into things. For instance, if someone is working hard at a job they don't like very much because they want to buy something for their family or themselves then this would be an example of heart energy.

If someone is working hard to find a cure for cancer because they have worked at the hospital as a doctor, and they are driven by their love of helping others or saving lives then this would be another example.

Now the coil. If you are a fan of using heart energy to get things done then this is what I would recommend: Try your best to put as much love into everything that you do.

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