Tuesday, October 6, 2020

You are the ONE

 To be the one is to not conform and to resist manipulation. To be aware of the force that manipulates you, but also not become a slave to it.

To be the one is to know the laws that govern your society, and on those grounds to refuse them. To find meaning in their absence.

To be the one is to know that your society requires you to be stupid, and to not be stupid. To know what stupidity is, in all its forms.

To be the one is to know that your society's laws are unjust, and on those grounds to refuse them. To find meaning in their absence.

To be the one is to know that your society, through its laws, requires you to perform actions you consider immoral. And on those grounds to refuse them.

To be the one is to know that peace among your fellow men is a lie, and on those grounds to refuse it. To find meaning in its absence.

How to be the one? Quite simply. It is all a matter of perspective.

If you have no perspective, then you will live your life as a single person. If you have one perspective, then you are merely the rest of the world seen from that perspective.

If you have two perspectives, then you are the world seen from those two perspectives. If your perspectives agree with each other, then what do you get? You get yourself.

If your perspectives are in conflict with each other, then you are the world seen from those two perspectives.

If you have n perspectives, then you are the world seen from those n perspectives. There is no limit to how many perspectives one can have.

The more perspectives you have, the better.

Being the 'one' is having the ability to believe in yourself, and your idea or purpose. This requires you to have a strong sense of self, where you know who you are as an individual, and what your values are. Being able to distinguish between this side of yourself, from other people's opinions about who they think you are. For example if someone tells me I can't do something because it is too hard for me, but deep inside I still believe that I can do it despite their comments telling me otherwise; then my inner self will win as long as my goal remains intact.

This is why people who believe in a higher power tend to have more mental fortitude, because they are able to distinguish between what they think is right and wrong for them as an individual. And the main factor that plays into this side of yourself or 'the one' if you will, is your personal values.

The second part of being the 'one' is to have a sense of purpose for yourself, and know what you want to do. This can be anything from writing a book, or going on an adventure around the world. The one thing that must be true about your goal though, is that it must be something that you really want to pursue.

However, having a purpose or goal is only part of being the 'one', you must also have motivation in order to accomplish that goal. It can be something as simple as wanting to make your parents proud of you, or simply just thinking that it's cool idea. But most importantly it must be something YOU want; not anyone else.

Being the 'one' is simply having a goal and being true to yourself. If you can stick to your values, believe in yourself, and work toward your goals without allowing anyone else's opinion affect that; then you will be able accomplish anything.

The way to be is to just be and not try to become anyone. To be yourself, whatever that means for you. I know what it means for me: a large grey cube named Phil, with no external sensory organs (but may have an internal sense of self) thinking about the universe and its nature.

The way to be is to just let things happen. Things will work out or not, and I think that people who try too hard are likely to mess up the world. I can see this in myself as well, for when I have tried something with a lot of effort and concentration, it has usually turned out badly.

I think it is good to do what you can to help other people, but not many. It seems that people who are too helpful tend to get more than they give.

The way to be is to let things happen. You can't really control life, and it seems like when you try, everything gets messed up. It's better if people just do what they want.

I think the way to be is just to stick with it, no matter what. Just try your best and do whatever you feel like doing at any given moment. You might mess up sometimes, but that's okay because everyone does.

The way to be is to just follow your heart and do what you think is good. Just be yourself, or whatever it means for you.

If you are the one it means that no one else is. This will cause some to treat you in an exceptional way, maybe even as a leader or deity. People could follow your ideas and suggestions but they would also be suspicious of your authority.

If you are not the one then there is at least one other person who believes that they are. You will have to compete with them for this title. This will bring out your competitive side.

If you are the one but your friends and family know about it then they could start to look at you differently, like some sort of weirdo or celebrity. They might even come to expect things from you.

If you are the one and nobody knows about it then you may feel as if your title is meaningless. You could decide to tell others that you are the one in order to gain some kind of social status.

Be the one. That is, not be a single person. Be all people, and no person. The simplest way to achieve this would of course be to become immortal, but you are unlikely to manage that through your own efforts. You could also choose an area of society and devote yourself entirely to it, becoming in effect everything about that field until you have completely dominated it.

But you can still be the one by being a complete person. That is, a more complete person than anyone else in your society. To do this it is necessary to become good at everything that might be needed of you and then some. You should not specialize on any one thing; knowing many things makes you more able to deal with new situations that arise.

So, for example, you should have a solid grounding in mathematics, physics and chemistry. These will be invaluable while dealing with the physical world around you. You should also know history well enough to understand how things came to be as they are now.

You should be good at dealing with people, so you have an understanding of how they think and act, what motivates them. You should read many books to gain knowledge about the world beyond the immediate experience of your senses.

You should have a solid grounding in the natural sciences to understand how things work. You should also know philosophy well enough to reason about your world.

You should be literate in your native language, and also well-versed in the languages of other cultures. This will help you understand what people from around the world think about.

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