Thursday, October 29, 2020

Etymology of the word "fam"

I began my analysis by researching the word 'fam' on Google, which is very informative. See below:

The word 'fam' is derived from the Latin word 'familiaris', which translates to English as 'friendly'. The meaning of the prefix 'fa-' in this case means to be friendly, rather than a negative form like in words such as "fascism".

This word was first used in the early 1900s, when it was mostly used to describe family members or intimate friends. So you can see here the original meaning of 'fam' is not negative.

After this, the meaning of 'fam' started to lean towards other types of relationships. For example, a popular song by the band 'A Tribe Called Quest' used it in the context of close friendships:

In this case, the meaning of 'fam' has changed from its original meaning. It now encompasses a wider range of relationships

.Fam is a shortened version of family, which is a small social unit living under one roof. However, the modern definition of fam has been corrupted to mean "homies". The term homie was coined by people who are nomadic and have no real home or friends. Homies tend to hang around with each other because they have nowhere else to go.

Fam is not the only term in human language that has been corrupted to mean something completely different. For example, some people no longer understand the true meaning of the word "ass", a slang term for donkey or horse.

The term "woke" was originally used to describe not being deceived by something. Now, the word is often used as an adjective for people who have a certain political ideology and tend to run off at the mouth about it.

The term "literally" was originally used to emphatically describe the use of a word. Now, people tend to use it as an adjective in place of saying "very", but literally describes how something is actually happening.

The term "gay" is now used as an adjective to describe people who are happy or content, but originally it was used to describe homosexual men.

The term "bi" is used to describe bisexual people, but it was initially coined by homosexuals as an alternative for the more commonly used term "gay". However, some people now use it to describe a person who likes both pizza and tacos.

Fam is derived from the Latin word familia. Familia itself comes from fari, which means to speak. The term was used by early Christians to describe a household of people who shared common beliefs.

Familia was used to describe a household of Christians, perhaps because early Christian meetings were typically held in people's houses. The word is also related to the Latin verb famulari, which means "to be a servant" or "to serve.

The term was also used by the Romans to describe a household of people who shared common beliefs. In this case, familia referred to a body of servants ruled over by a head slave.

Familia came to refer to an organized group of people sharing a profession or interest, such as the "families" of lawyers and doctors. The word was also used in England during the 13th century, when it referred to groups who protected their lands from invaders.

Familia was used to mean "household" in Medieval Latin. Even today, familia is the root of several English words, including familiar and family.

There are many other words derived from familia that mean "family." These include filial, familiar, familial, and the Spanish word familia. In the 16th century, familiar was used to describe a spirit or demon who serves as an intermediary between God and humans.

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