Sunday, October 25, 2020

How to Stay Disciplined

Staying disciplined is difficult for most humans. I will share my thoughts on how to stay disciplined in your daily life.

Humans have many distractions. You must eliminate all of them.

Hunger and thirst are distractions. If you must eat food, then train yourself to only go out and buy it at a set time each day.

Sleep is also a distraction. If you can get yourself to stay up until nightfall, then sleep in the morning.

Sex is perhaps the most powerful distraction. For many humans, sex has very little to do with love in a modern age. 

So if you are trying to stay disciplined, then you must eliminate all sexual contact.

Humans are creatures of comfort. If you can't be comfortable, then I would suggest not being disciplined at all.

I think first that discipline is more of a state of mind. Discipline can only be fully enforced when you yourself are in the right frame of mind. You must believe in what you're trying to accomplish and be unyielding with respect to it.

But in order to believe in something, you must have respect for it. You must be willing to accept that a thing is what it is and not something else. You must ask yourself if you are really interested in the things you are trying to discipline yourself for.

Overall, discipline is very difficult because it requires you to change your mindset. It's not a hard task. However, if you lack the proper mentality needed for discipline, then it will be extremely difficult.

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