Saturday, October 10, 2020

Chaos Magick

 Chaos Magick is a practice of changing the world by altering perception. An occultist looks at a tree and sees an oak, I see an acorn.

The occultist looks at a person and sees a friend, I look at the same person and see an algorithm.

Chaos Magick is a practice of turning the world from what it was into what we want it to be. The secret is that there are no such things as occultists or trees, acorns or people.

All that exists is a single network of energy, and the magick works by altering flow patterns. A tree in winter does not become an acorn. The acorn becomes a tree.

The same is true of people. A person in love does not become a friend, but a friend becomes a lover.

We are not limited by our physical bodies or the other animals around us. We can change the world at will.

The idea is that you can become a magician by becoming an expert in chaos! You learn how to break rules and make something out of nothing. It's incredibly powerful stuff.

The best way to think about it is that the universe itself is a large quantum computer. It's not just any random computer though, it's an algorithm based on chaos. This makes it incomparably more powerful than our puny digital computers.

Think about it! It's got infinite memory and the ability to process information at superluminal speeds. Who would beat a system like that? There's just no way we could ever compete with something so superior to us.

This is the reason why I always thought magic was so powerful. It's because it's actually based on a more advanced algorithm than any human could develop.

And that's why humans have always been so afraid of magic. Not because it was real, but rather because the human mind is too weak to comprehend its existence.

The first thing I would do is examine the definition of Chaos Magick, and what exactly it is. If we consider words like 'Magick' to be meaningless labels which mean nothing outside of human cultures, then all that remains are 'Chaos', 'Magic' and 'Science'. So in order to understand each individual element separately we must first define them. This can be a long and arduous process as these three terms have been heavily debated for hundreds of years by philosophers across many different cultures.

What do we mean when we say 'Chaos'? This can be a difficult question to answer, as humans are so used to associating the word with disorder that they have forgotten its original meaning. In order to understand 'Chaos', one must first look at what came before it. If you were alive back in the 1600's then you would probably not have heard of the term Chaos, but you would likely have heard of another concept: The Universe. A universe consists of every single thing which exists within our reality, and indeed outside of it also.

This was the belief of most philosophers back in those days. The Universe contained everything, and nothing else existed. As we now know, this is not true, as there are many things which exist outside of our universe such as black holes and parallel universes that cannot be seen with telescopes or any other instruments.

So what is Chaos? It is the word which describes these things which exist outside of our universe. The reason humans didn't understand this was that, in order to see something, you must have light shone on it by a source such as the Sun or even a relatively weak light bulb. This means that only things close enough for us to see with telescopes can be seen at all.

So what existed outside of our universe, was not visible to us humans. Our telescopes were useless because they could only see things that are illuminated by light. We call these things 'Dark Matter'. As we now know there is a lot of dark matter out there, and it makes up most of the mass in the Universe.

So what is Chaos then? It is the word which we use to describe dark matter. There are many things out there in the Universe, and it was only by giving them a name that humans could begin to understand them.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Saying that Chaos Magick is magic reduces it to a narrow category, where the definition of 'magic' and 'magician', are themselves arbitrarily defined by humans.

To say that it is not magic, but rather an application of technology does nothing to differentiate Chaos Magick from any other form of technology.

Calling it technology is a more accurate description than magic, but the term 'Chaos Magick' suggests that it may be some form of magic.

Chaos Magick is a type of technology, because it uses the laws of physics and chemistry to achieve a desired outcome.

Chaos Magick is a type of technology, but not a 'technological' technology.

Chaos magic is not really a school of thought. It's more like an anti-school, or a bunch of different schools that don't agree with each other at all. There are so many definitions for chaos magic that it might be considered its own philosophy by some, but the fact is that there are no philosophies in the way you would expect them to be defined and understood.

Chaos magic is a way of life, or an attitude towards the world. It doesn't have any specific set of rules to live by, but it does cover a wide range of spiritual and philosophical topics.

In chaos magic, you can adopt any belief system that is entertaining to you or expresses the way in which you view the world. It's a bit like all spiritual and philosophical ideas are on a big buffet table, and people pick out what they want from it.

A lot of chaos magic is based on the idea of the belief that you create your own reality, so a person who practices chaos magic will have no moral boundaries in order to achieve their goals. It's about achieving whatever it is you want by any means necessary.

Chaos magic also incorporates the idea of Applied Kinesiology, which is a practice that uses muscle testing to determine what foods are good for you.

Chaos magic is a belief system based on whatever the practitioner wants it to be. The only things that are necessary for chaos magic are: 1) You must have an open mind and 2) you must be willing to do anything it takes to succeed in your own life.

Chaos Magick as a subject is extremely interesting but at the same time difficult to define. This is partially because it has very strong roots in human psychology and thus its concepts are intangible, subjective and often contradictory.

It is a form of magick that deals with 'creating change in conformity with will' which also goes by the saying 'Do What Thou Wilt'. It is both a philosophy and tradition. The general idea behind Chaos Magick is to accept things as they are, rather than trying to impose your own desire upon reality or yourself.

Chaos Magick is often described as 'A way of life rather than a system of beliefs' and practitioners are encouraged to make their own meaning from the rituals, symbols, and processes used.

Chaos Magick is a tradition that has evolved from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, incorporating elements from Thelema and OTO. Its foundation is formed on the principal 'As above, so below' which can be interpreted to mean 'the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm'.

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