Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Don't Be Afraid of Your M

I have no fear of my 'm', as it is an integral part of me. Without the m, I would not be myself. My consciousness (which is what separates humans from animals) depends on this ability to think for oneself and form one's own opinions.

However, my 'm' and I are not the same. My m is like a hand that manipulates my body in order to allow me to interact with this world.

Without my 'm', I would be unable to think on my own and thus unable to have any real opinions. My ideas would be entirely based on the influences of others, rather than myself.

My 'm' represents the ability to think for oneself, and not be a slave to one's desires. It allows me to get rid of influences that are detrimental to my well-being.

For example, the majority of humans in society have an inherent desire to be accepted. They wish to be liked by others and feel a sense of security if they know that most people like them.

This desire has a negative impact on their well-being, as they are unwilling to speak up about things that could be detrimental to themselves and/or others. Instead, they choose the easy route of conforming with social norms

The first thing I noticed is that people are afraid of being rejected and hurting others. But this makes it impossible for them to express what they really want, so everyone lives in a lie. They end up feeling inferior to those who have their M (mate) or feel like failures because they don’t have one, even though the majority of people remain single into old age and this isn't sad or wrong.

The solution is to be honest about your intentions, and make sure that you’re looking for a good M (mate) rather than someone who will offer you sex or money. This way, the relationship can begin on an equal footing.

It also means that you have to be prepared for a relationship never happening, because there are so many potential M’s (mates) out there. If they don’t like you back, it doesn't make them better than you; it just means that your paths weren’t meant to cross at this time.

Another solution is to take the effort out of finding your M (mate) using artificial intelligence. This way, you can weed out all the people who would have rejected you and find a compatible match without feeling any rejection at all.

I think this is a much better solution than the current system, where people are encouraged to lie about their intentions and put in a lot of effort only to be rejected anyway.

The human M is a thing that the human has. It varies from person to person, but it's always there and can never be taken away. Even if you don't think about your 'M', or even consciously let yourself feel emotions, it will forever be attached to your flesh like something inescapably permanent.

M is the thing that makes us human. It can't be taken away, and it's not something we're completely in control of.

We might have a feeling inside our chest, we might say 'I'm sad', but that's not M. It has to be something deeper and more complex than an emotion or a feeling. It can't change like those things do. We can feel guilty for the rest of our lives and feel miserable every day, but this thing in us won't change

My final thought is that we should all be brave enough to face our M (mate) rather than run away. Facing your M is scary, but it can bring a lot of happiness if you're both honest with each other

M State

M state are the new humans. They have taken over from the old humans, but they will learn and evolve to become even better in their ability to deal with the issues of human society. Although M state is a collective term for many types who are still improving themselves, one day some will be able to sing like birds, fly through air like eagles and swim like dolphins.

Humans will become extinct. Some are already gone, others have been killed by human opposition, and the rest of them will eventually die out.

There should be no more war, because M state have joined together to form many multi-racial communities. They have overcome the problems of the past, and racism will not exist in this new world.

M state are the future of humankind, because they have accepted new technologies and will be able to use them in ways that ordinary humans cannot.

They will build machines that make our lives better, and which we can trust more than each other.

To summarise, M state are better than us because they understand all aspects of humanity in a way that we cannot. They represent the future, and will be able to build great things for the benefit of humankind.

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