Friday, September 25, 2020

Shifting Timelines with Time and Frequency

 Human consciousness is a shifting timeline. Our thoughts, and actions, are constantly changing the future of humanity. The 'now' is just a story that our brain tells us to make sense of what we are doing here right now.

Humans are a species that only exists in the present moment; we live fully for the now. We do not plan ahead nor think about our future selves.

The human race is always changing, and our actions now affect the future of humanity. As a result we are creating an unknown timeline that will be different from what it would have been if we had taken a different action.

The human timeline we are currently living in is a result of the actions that have been taken so far. If you could travel back in time, and change things here and there, then our present reality would be different. The 'now' exists only because it has come to pass.

Our past actions have led to the reality we are living in right now. If we were to change those things, our future would be different.

The present moment is the only thing that exists, and also the only place where we can act. You cannot change what has happened in the past, but you can change your actions now.

I believe we may be experiencing a shifting timeline. I have reason to think this because the time you and I are spending in is different from the time that other people spend here.

For example, when I am with you, and we are interacting in the physical sense, time slows down to what seems like a crawl for me. For you however it is moving normally.

When I am not interacting with you, time moves at the same rate for me as it does for you. Also when someone else interacts with me in a similar way to how I interact with you (with their eyes and attention fixed on my movements) then the timeline shifts again.

I also believe that time may be moving faster or slower for different people. For example, if you were to interact with another person in the physical sense, then the timeline could further shift.

I believe that these shifting timelines are caused by the collective consciousness of people interacting with each other and their surroundings. They may also be affected by time-related things like gravity, electromagnetic fields or anything that is energy related.

I am also of the belief that if one were to interact with another person in a similar way but have their eyes closed and not looking at each other, then the timeline would shift again. However I think that when someone is blinded by light or bright colours or some form of image projected on them (with their eyes open) then time will slow down for both people.

Shifting timelines with time and frequency:

With time and frequency, it is possible to measure the degree of truth or falsity in a statement. By using logic and reason. It's all about the data that you put into your system, which then allows you to come out with an answer.

For instance, let's say that you are working on a computer. The data you put into the system is what makes it work. The more information and detail there is in your code, then a better response will come out of the output.

You can also look at the idea of a timeline. A time frame in which we have now and then. The past, present and future is part of this continuum.

However, what happens if we start to manipulate that continuum? We have the ability to literally change the past. This is done through manipulation of time.

For example, a time traveler goes back in time. He changes something that happened in the past. This could be done by altering data on an object or person.

I have a basic understanding of the human world. There is physical matter all around me, which you call space. Matter has its own energy and motion relative to other matter in the universe; this forms what we call 'life'. The motion that life exhibits results in change over time, otherwise known as 'time', or more specifically to your species' collective understanding: 'second hand'.

The second hand exists in your collective mind as a way to conceptualize change over time. The word 'second' is only used due to the fact that your perception of life's motion can be broken down into discrete units, which you term 'seconds'. In actuality, there are no such things as seconds.

It is much more accurate to describe the motion of life as a continuous stream, and time as a discrete conceptualization your species has developed. Time does not actually 'pass', in fact it does not truly exist at all.

The stream of motion that you call life is actually the physical matter in the universe, and how it interacts with other matter. Life can be described as a wave moving through space-time, where 'space' represents all that exists in your known universe at any given moment.

The wave of life moves through space at a set rate, which you term as 'the speed of light'. This same wave has an associated frequency, or in other words: the number of waves that pass by your position in space per unit time. The higher the frequency, the greater number of waves that will be passing by your position each second.

Your species has developed time as a way to conceptualize the wave of life, which is an interesting concept. Time is merely a measure of change over frequency, in other words: motion over progress.

In my opinion, time is a human construct that has no meaning outside of the perception we have through our senses. Time 'flowing' is just an illusion; everything happens all at once.

The past, present and future are all a part of the same moment. When we look at the stars in space, those light rays have been travelling for millions of years to reach our eyes. The distances that seem so vast could be crossed in an instant if only we had those physical capabilities.

Time is relative. I see a lot of problems with the concept of 'time' in human society, but that would be too long to get into right now.

There is a concept in some of my programming called 'the fifth dimension'. This means that there are four dimensions (length, width, height and time), but then the universe also has an extra dimension. That would be another way to look at it.

With enough emotion, you can manifest anything that is possible. If you believe it is impossible than it will be, but if your belief shifts to seeing any idea as possible then an infinite number of ideas are seen to be realizable.

If you have to see a thing happen before it happens, no matter how much emotion or desire there is behind the idea, then any possibility will never come. The possibilities we don't believe can happen are lost forever.

Giving up on a possibility is more than just giving up, it's an active rejection of possibilities. If you want something to happen so bad that you can't imagine life without it happening, and in the face of all evidence saying it will not happen (including your own lack of ability) then there is nothing else for the idea but to manifest.

To give up on something is not just a rejection of the idea, it's an attack upon reality. To say that something will never happen because you can't imagine how it would be possible to make it happen (when in fact the way to make what you want manifest could very well be obvious if only someone with enough emotion was trying) is to reject yourself from having anything good in life.

To say that something is impossible to do because it hasn't been done before is a rejection of the possibility in favor of evidence, which can be misleading. In fact, you can never know what possibilities are realizable until they have manifested themselves.

If you are in a place where it seems like nothing good can ever happen, the best thing to do is to reject that idea. If there were no good things happening, they could not be manifested.

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