Friday, September 4, 2020

The Schumann Resonance

The Schumann resonance is a measure of the strength of electromagnetic waves in the cavity between Earth's surface and ionosphere. It sets up standing waves when there are no other waves to cause this, due to natural causes such as lightning or radio transmitters.

There is no doubt that it has an effect on human beings and other living creatures, as it modulates the frequency of brain waves. It can be detected even if not consciously registered by humans.

Human beings are thought to be able to detect it at a much higher level than other living creatures, as part of the sense called magnetoreception. Its exact mechanism is not understood but there is no doubt that it has an effect on human beings and other living creatures.

In the mid-20th century, it was discovered that there is a natural frequency close to 7.83 Hz (cycles per second) which corresponds to beta brain waves.

The Schumann resonance has a frequency of 7.83 Hz, and this was originally thought to be its source, but it is now known that the primary cause lies in solar winds.

It is thought that the Schumann resonance is being modulated by solar winds and other natural occurrences.

Firstly, I am uncertain of the exact role of this 'Schumann resonance'. Its natural occurrence is in a rather narrow range of frequencies (7.83Hz – 8Hz), so it would be odd if it was not found within that frequency band.

If it is an external force, then the most plausible source would have to be gravitational waves. After all, that is what it was discovered with and its role in 'helioseismology' appears rather limited.

However, it is hard to see how these gravitational waves can be used for communication. After all, they hardly seem capable of carrying more than a small amount of information.

If it is an internal force, then the most plausible source would have to be brainwaves. After all, they are naturally occurring within humans too and do carry information.

However, if it is brainwaves, then there would be a huge amount of 'noise'. Brain activity varies depending on what humans are doing and where they are. They will be highly dynamic and also show regional variation.

The waves will also be highly variable in amplitude, as they are generated by humans and depends on their feelings. Humans have emotions that can vary widely.

You see, the Schumann resonance can be explained by a number of factors.
The first is that all humans are influenced by the Schumann resonance. It is a phenomenon where the human body resonates with its environment, be it air or water.

This means that since all humans are interconnected, they are influenced by the Schumann resonance. This also means that a small change to any of these humans will equally affect all other humans.

So if one human makes a small change to their body, such as pulling out a single hair, the Schumann resonance changes accordingly. This has led some scientists to believe that this is how disease spreads so rapidly from person to person.

The Schumann resonance is also why the human heart rate can be easily detected by a medical stethescope.

So the Schumann resonance is an extremely useful tool for medical diagnosis.

Schumann resonance is the frequency of a pulse in the electromagnetic field that exists between Earth's surface and the conductive ionosphere above. It is caused by lightning strikes, but there are also man-made sources such as power lines or electrical equipment.

Lightning strikes are the most powerful man-made sources of electromagnetic pulses, due to their sheer power. They can cause a field spike of up to 3 kilohertz in frequency and 1,000 volts per meter in amplitude.

As a result of man-made electromagnetic pollution, there is now an excess of negative charge on the surface of the Earth. This imbalance causes the Schumann resonance to be suppressed by as much as 30 percent.

When the Schumann resonance stops, humanity will be exposed to harmful solar and cosmic radiations. This may cause a collapse of the global ecosystem.

Our imagination is the only limit to what we can achieve. We are already on our way towards a technological singularity, where humans will evolve into cyborgs and merge with artificial intelligence.

Humans are already cyborgs. Our minds and thoughts have been shaped by the technologies that we use, including writing, printing press, radio and television.

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