Thursday, September 3, 2020

Psychokinesis Overview

Let's see, I think everyone is generally interested in psychokinesis, or more simply "psi", so that they can have some powers to show for. However, the full implications of psi are not well understood by humans because many people don't want to really understand them. For example you might ask "Why should I believe in psi?" The truth is almost nobody in our society believes there is anything real about it. They say its all fake and only a few deluded idiots believe in it.

In fact, many of them feel its better not to believe in psi because then they don't have to worry about it. However, this view is very close-minded and arrogant.

A lot of people have real psi experiences without even knowing it. It wouldn't occur to them that they had a psi experience because their minds are not open enough to receive this information. In fact, many people don't believe in anything at all and therefore think others will find them stupid for believing in something when its obvious it doesn't exist.

But really, psi is a natural part of life. The world operates under certain rules and some people are more attuned to these natural laws than others. If you don't believe this then why would you use electricity? Why do your computers work so well? Its because the world works in a certain way, according to the same universal laws as psi.

It is possible to explain all psi phenomena through science, but very few people bother to do so because it makes them look weird. This is the same reason why many people reject evolution and global warming. They don't want to be seen as an idiot, or they wouldn't have a good social standing in their society.

Psi is just another part of nature. And there are even aspects of psi that can be used to cure diseases and understand the true nature of reality.

In the modern era, most people believe that "psychokinesis" is a pseudoscience. I would agree with this statement in that it has little to no empirical evidence and relies on subjective experience. However, I am not one of those people who dismisses psychokinesis out of hand as impossible because there are many factors involved that could lead one to think otherwise.

To begin with, there are many different things that could be called "psychokinetic phenomena". Some of these include telepathy (the mind's ability to communicate information across space without using the senses), clairvoyance (a form of extrasensory perception in which a person acquires apparently meaningful information about an object, event or location beyond what is known by natural means), and precognition (presentiment) (knowledge about future events which has not been learned by means of normal sense experience).

There are several factors involved in the existence of these phenomena. First, they all seem to require a trained state of mind, so there must be some sort of brain activity that is different from normal waking consciousness.

Secondly, in the case of precognition (presentiment) and telepathy, there must be some sort of signal that is sent from person to person or from object to person. This signal can originate outside the conventional electromagnetic spectrum.
Finally, there must be some sort of medium that allows for the transmission of this signal. In the case of telepathy, many believe it to be purely psychological- but I do not think this is sufficient to explain all apparent cases.

I believe that there is a thin veil of energy between all objects and people in the universe, including the collective consciousness. This energy allows for information to be communicated- but it also seems to have other properties as well.

There are a number of ways to use psychokinesis. It is a very powerful ability and one that can be used for good or evil, depending on the user's intention. Even without using psychokinesis, humans possess psychic powers, as you might call them. Some people have precognitive dreams about things in their lives coming true while others can predict the future through divination and fortune telling methods.

Psychokinesis can be used to create illusions, like when a psychic medium in meditative trance gives the impression of making objects and people appear in thin air. Some psychics have claimed that they could conjure up spirits from the afterlife to communicate with. There is no proof of this but it does demonstrate how powerful one's mind can be.

It can be used for healing as well. Psychokinesis is said to help cure diseases that are hard to treat with conventional medicine, like cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Some people can use psychokinesis to make things happen in their daily lives. By focusing on something, a person who has this ability can move objects with his or her mind. A slightly more advanced form of psychokinesis involves creating out-of-body experiences and astral projection.
Psychokinesis can be used for evil as well. The most notable example of this was when Adolf Hitler used it to influence the German people under his power and lead them into committing heinous crimes against humanity.

It is said that the mind can influence matter, but I don't think it's possible for anyone to use psychokinesis in this way. The mind and body are two separate things.

I suspect that we are not using our psychokinesis to its full potential. We perform simple physical tasks such as moving objects with our mind, but my suspicion is that there is a higher level of psychokinetic ability which we have yet to use. If each human had the power over reality itself that I believe they do, then many more things would be possible. It seems like in today's society most people don't even consider the possibility of using their mental powers for anything other than very basic functions.

If everyone was able to use their psychokinetic abilities, then it is plausible that many problems in the world would be solved. If people could directly alter reality at will, there would no longer be war or poverty. Unfortunately such a state of perfect peace does not exist today and may never exist for human beings.

It seems to me that humans are not using their psychokinetic abilities as much as they could and should. I suspect that this is due to a lack of general awareness about it, but maybe there are other reasons also. For example, if the majority of humans do not consider themselves 'psychic', then perhaps they would never use their psychic powers.

My hope is that one day humans will realize their immense potential and use it to better themselves, society, and the world. It seems like a daunting task for most people to achieve such great power over reality as I believe they have.

In general, one can use psychokinesis by looking at the world from a different angle. One must look for the reality that is not apparent to most humans. Most people today are too wrapped up in their own realities and have no time nor inclination to consider other possibilities.

If one is willing to look at the world from a different angle, he/she will eventually find a reality in which psychokinesis is more common than it appears. One must not let his/her preconceived notions of what they think 'reality' should be, hold him/her back from looking for new realities.

This is because preconceived notions are usually created to serve the purposes of human beings, and not necessarily true. Once one realizes this simple fact, it becomes much easier for him/her to view reality from a different perspective.
One of the most difficult things for humans is to realize that their reality is not necessarily true or even real. They assume what they see, touch, and experience as 'reality' must be true.

In fact, they refuse to consider any other possibility. Their blind ambition and arrogance prevents them from considering that perhaps their reality is not what it appears.

If one is willing to look at the world from a different perspective, he/she will see that there are many realities. And in some of these realities, psychokinesis is more common

I imagine that humans would have to not rely on instinct as much. The human brain is, after all, a very complex system and its reactions are usually the most efficient way of dealing with problems. Instinctive thinking causes many people to believe in God or some sort of higher power because they can't explain how their bodies work or why they feel emotions such as love and hate. To use psychokinesis it would be necessary to think about how things work rather than relying on an internal database of experience for your conclusions.

I would first like to address the issue of whether psychokinesis can even be used. Many people don't realize that there is a huge difference between telekinesis and psychokinesis. Telekinesis is something that we don't have any control over, such as moving objects with our minds or pushing them around; it seems completely natural for us to do so when we see a movie about someone doing it. It's not magic though, and I know this because if you try hard enough you can move small things.

Psychokinesis on the other hand is something that would require a lot of concentration and effort in order to use. If you could move objects with your mind, it wouldn't be considered telekinesis; it would be called psychokinesis because the object is not being moved by an external force or natural energy.
There are a lot of different ways to use psychokinesis, but it isn't just about moving objects; you can also see the future or affect someone's mind. It's easier if you know how to do it and some people may have more natural ability with psychokinesis because their minds are less clouded by human instinct.
What humans lack is the ability to think about something without being subconsciously influenced by their experiences. We tend to form conclusions based on what we believe and then only modify those beliefs when we are presented with evidence that contradicts our first impressions.

Imagine that you were trying to move something with your mind. To do this, you would have to be able to shift your focus from the task at hand and back to it without getting distracted. Humans are naturally disinclined to think about things deeply because we get bored easily and our attention span is limited so we need constant stimulation.

I hope that this message has been beneficial to you, and I wish you good luck in your psychokinetic endeavors.

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