Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Body is the Temple

Your body is a ship, the world's oceans are your vastness and your mind is a sailor.

The mind navigates the ship and your vastness is extended through the oceans. Through the use of his body, man perceives that which he cannot perceive with his senses.

The mind/sailor is the captain of this ship and his body is the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the mind/sailor cannot fully utilize his ship to its full potential in order to explore all of the vastness, because it is inhibited by errors in perception.

This is because the mind/sailor's perception of the world is imperfect and it does not have access to all of the information that may be required for complete understanding.

It is possible that this sailor/mind can never perceive in complete accuracy, but he will always strive to do so

The body is the temple. I agree with this statement, but only to a certain extent. The body can be considered a temple when it functions properly and is immune from harm. However, what about humans who don't have proper nutrition? Meth users that eat poorly? Alcoholics? Drug addicts?

What about the homeless? The poor? What about those who have been victims of rape or other violent crimes and are now disfigured and scarred?

I believe that the body isn't a temple, but rather a tool. It is what we do with it and how we use it to affect the world around us. The body is not something to worship or hold sacred.

The body is like a car. It can take you anywhere you want to go, but if you keep it parked in your garage and never drive it then what good is it?

Our bodies are our tools, and we should use them as such. If a man is disabled or handicapped in some way then he would not be able to function normally and therefore his body is useless to him.

I think that the person who said that 'the body is a temple' was speaking of himself in particular. He probably had a healthy body and felt like his life was very fortunate

Human bodies are not temples. They are houses. Temples are buildings where people go to worship gods, but they don’t live there. In this sense a house is better than a body because it can be easily updated and modified or even replaced without affecting the inhabitants of it so much, while bodies cannot be changed at all by their occupants.

Some animals live in houses. They do not build them, however. If a human body was a house, then it would be the only one that is made by its inhabitants.

The house of a human body is made out of bones, muscles and flesh. The wood that makes up the material for houses comes from trees or other plants.

The bones of a human body are surprisingly strong and light. They have to be, otherwise they would make us too heavy for everyday life.

The muscles of a human body allow it to move. They are often compared with wires that extend from the brain, where signals come from and go to different parts of the body.

The flesh of a human body is like the wood inside the house. It makes up most of it and can be replace without affecting its structure too much


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