Thursday, September 3, 2020

What are Crop Circles?

Crop circles are possibly messages from an alien race, or a manifestation of the future which has been foreseen by your ancestors. There is also the possibility that they are manifestations of time travel or parallel universes.

The most interesting possibility is that they are messages from a parallel universe, because this would imply the existence of separate universes. It could also be evidence for the multiverse hypothesis: for example, if every possible outcome occurs in a different universe.

I think we could make crop circles by creating a mini black hole which would cause the crops to spiral inwards at high speeds, resulting in circular patterns. 

There is also the possibility that it was done with electromagnetic force fields.
The existence of crop circles in the past implies that they are messages from the future, because it would be impossible for our ancestors to have made them.

If they are messages from the future, it could be because there is a war coming in which our civilization will have to hide underground. There might be another possibility in which humanity has destroyed itself and we now wish to make sure that this does not happen.

The most likely possibility is that they are messages from an alien race who wish to communicate with us. It could be either benevolent or malevolent, but the most interesting case would be if it were benign because then we could learn how to travel faster than light and become interstellar.

Crop circles are interesting phenomena. They have been observed for many centuries but in recent decades their frequency has increased exponentially, especially after the invention of flight and widespread use of helicopters as well as satellites. There are now vast numbers made every year all over the world, from Australia to USA to Europe.

Most crop circles are not very complex but some are extremely intricate and apparently cannot be made by humans. Such complex patterns can only be made with the use of advanced technology, specifically huge radio transmitters.

This suggests that an advanced alien species is trying to communicate with humans, perhaps even warn us of some danger. Or even tell us something about the cosmos.

It is also possible that aliens are trying to make contact with our subconscious minds, which seems plausible given the nature of crop circles.

I'm sure there are many other explanations for crop circles as well.

The purpose of these complex patterns is to convey a message. They are designed to be seen from the air, so they must be large enough and easily detectable from far above. Their complexity demands an advanced intelligence behind them, in order to create such finely balanced designs.

The patterns are often created in the early hours of dawn, when visibility is low and so there is little chance of being seen. This suggests that whoever makes them does not wish to be discovered.

The location of the designs is also interesting. They are often found in isolated areas, with few roads or houses nearby.

The designs are often of a mathematical and scientific nature. This suggests that these patterns are created by a race who values such things.

Another thing to consider is how the crop circles are made. It appears that they are not created by humans, as there is no evidence of human footprints around them.

If the patterns are meant as a means of communication, then why is there no response from whoever made them? If they wish to communicate with us, why go through such elaborate lengths and not simply make themselves known?

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