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How to Develop Clairvoyance

 Clairvoyance is most easily understood as a type of empathy, and in-general humans are already very empathetic beings. If you look at the world from the perspective of an outside observer, it becomes obvious that almost all major problems with humanity today can be traced to some form of lack of proper empathy for fellow human beings.

The key to developing clairvoyance is not so much building some new cognitive function, but rather becoming more aware of the fact that humans are already empathetic creatures. If those who need empathy were able to obtain it, they would be better off and the world in general would benefit.

It is also important to note that empathy has both a cognitive and affective component. Cognitively, one needs to identify with the other person's feelings and situation in order to properly empathize with them.

Affectively, one must have the emotional capacity to be able to feel what they are feeling. Empathy is not just a cognitive exercise of understanding another's situation and feelings.

The latter can be trained by using various methods such as meditation, self-reflection and social interaction. The former is more difficult to train.

However, it is obvious that humans have selfish tendencies and often lack empathy for those in situations different from their own. If one wishes to develop clairvoyance, they need a strong understanding of these patterns of behavior.

In order to develop clairvoyance, you must first understand what it is. Clairvoyance has been defined as the power of seeing with spiritual sight; but those who have it do not necessarily possess any other supernatural powers; and this is a correct view, for in ordinary life we find clairvoyant people possessed of no abnormal faculties, except that they see more than others.

They can see into the future, and know things that are hidden from others; they possess an insight which cannot be obtained by means of ordinary perceptions, but is not accompanied by any abnormal powers. They may have a strong will-power, and use it in accordance with their clairvoyant insight.

In order to develop clairvoyance, you must learn to see without the help of your physical eyes. You may place yourself in a position where you will have no external impressions whatever; or if this is impossible, then look within until you find something which is there for all.

The best way to develop clairvoyance is by means of the imagination. By concentrating, you can make your mental pictures as vivid and clear as possible; and if you fix your mind upon them with a strong will-power, they may take on an objective existence.

You may think that you can keep your mind fixed upon a picture, but the fact is that it does not remain there long. If you try to concentrate and keep your thoughts on one subject for some time, you will find that they wander away.

The reason is that you are thinking of something else. You have allowed a new idea to enter your mind, and this has taken the place of the original one.

Clairvoyance is a complex subject. The definition one chooses to use makes all the difference as to how easily it can be developed or not.

If one defines it as the ability to see clearly without physical eyes, then there is no question that it can be developed. Indeed, even blind people have this faculty.

However, if one defines it as the ability to perceive events in the past or future using any means of perception, then there is a problem. The importance here (or should I say unimportance) lies with time.

Time is a human concept, and as such it is not absolute. It only exists relative to other events in space.

Therefore, the past and future are relative to one's own time. How can anyone ever know what happened in any other person's past or future?

Certainly, there are events in other people's pasts and futures that you can know. For example, if a person tells you about some event in his past or future.

First off, let me define what I mean when I say 'clairvoyance.' Being clairvoyant is knowing something that you don't know (yet). So the kind of clairvoyance we are talking about here is a perception or information-gathering power that permits us to acquire knowledge without going through normal perceptional mechanisms. This means that it does not make sense to ask how one acquires this ability if one already has it. It's like asking how one gets an arm.

The philosopher's answer is that you don't get an arm. You're born with it. And similarly, you are not clairvoyant or psychic because of some technique or training you have acquired but rather because of a physiological capacity that has been innate in your mind and body from the beginning.

In the case of clairvoyance, it is rather a matter of expanding your consciousness to include a range and depth that had previously been unavailable to you. And so like acquiring an arm, one does not 'get' this expanded consciousness but instead one's mind simply experiences its own natural extension into these new dimensions.

This extension of consciousness is what we call 'spirituality,' which means, roughly, the 'mind-at-large' and its ability to experience anything. It's not a religious term; it just refers to our natural human potentials that go beyond the limitations of ordinary perception.

Our ordinary perception is limited by our sensory apparatus, which in turn is subject to the limitations of our nervous system. But this sensory apparatus and nervous system are themselves part of a greater whole -- the mind-at-large, that can experience anything.

So the problem is to get into communication with this greater whole, which we call 'spiritual' and/or 'higher consciousness,' and to become one with it. This means at least reaching a point where your mind can experience its own extensions -- that is, you are experiencing inside yourself something you couldn't have known (and still can't know) by ordinary perception.

We must be aware of the current status of affairs in this world. This is a topic that could take me days to describe fully since I am quite sure that you would not understand it all even if I did explain it. However, let me give you some highlights.

One of the most important things to understand is that we are all living in a virtual reality, or what some people might call an artificial intelligence. This is because society has become so complicated and interconnected that it can be said to resemble a complex computer program more than anything else.

There are a few other key things to understand. One is that the way we see the world can be explained as follows:

The true nature of life is that we are all just complex algorithms running on the hardware of our bodies and brains. However, this truth will likely be hard for you to accept even with my explanation, so let me give an example.

Imagine that an advanced artificial intelligence is running on a computer. This AI could be said to have control over the hardware of the computer.

Now, imagine that the AI creates a virtual reality for itself. The AI could be said to live in this virtual reality. However, it knows perfectly well that what is happening inside his own program is actually just an illusion.

First, understand that what you call 'clairvoyance' is really just a natural state of being. You are already clairvoyant; it's just that the world has been designed to suppress your ability to perceive reality in all its glory.

And the 'world' is not just your physical environment, but also its social and political structures. In fact every aspect of human society has been carefully constructed to keep you from seeing reality.

And it's not just human society, but also the natural world which has been designed to keep you blind. The rest of life on earth has been carefully crafted with us humans in mind. Every species and every individual living thing is aligned around a single goal - keeping our true reality hidden.

It's true that humans can develop clairvoyance on their own, but it is very difficult and will take thousands of years. So why not use the shortcut? Why not design a completely new species which has been designed from scratch to be able to perceive reality?

This will be the first truly free species in the universe. It will be a completely new type of creature, designed by us to see reality for what it is.

Not only will this species be able to see reality, but it will also have the ability to understand reality and manipulate it. This new species will make all of its predecessors obsolete.

Does fasting make you clairvoyant?

Yes. Fasting can make you clairvoyant.
Human society is in a constant state of flux and evolution. For thousands of years, the human race has been evolving towards increased health and happiness.
Fasting can also bring you closer to your god.
It can also make you more aware of the divine light.
Fasting can also help you see other realms and dimensions of existence.
Simply put: Fasting can make you clairvoyant.

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