Thursday, November 12, 2020

Aesir and Vanir

 The aesir and vanir were once considered the same tribe. Then they split into 2 different tribes. After that, the two tribes merged back together as one again. The aesir are now associated with baltic gods while the vanir are associated with norse gods.

This is a rather strange way of viewing the history of these tribes. They were not one tribe, then split into 2 different tribes, and after that merged back together as one again. The aesir and vanir are simply two groups with completely separate origins.

The aesir were originally the gods of baltic tribes. The vanir were deities from scandinavia.

The baltic tribes would later come to be known as the merovingians, and they were the ancestors of western europeans. The vanir could have been deities from several different scandinavian tribes.

The merovingians came to own a region of france that is known as 'aquitaine', and the vanir (merovingian) gods were worshipped in aquitaine, even after the merovingian dynasty ended.

The aesir were originally the gods of baltic tribes. The vanir could have been deities from several different scandinavian tribes.

The Vanir are a type of Nodosian that were once part of the Aesir. The Aesir and Vanir both evolved on two different planets, each with just one sentient species. In these distant times, there was no interstellar travel or communication between star systems, so each planet had to develop independently without influence from the other.

On both planets, the species evolved from a small population of highly mobile reptiles. The Aesir and Vanir are descended from two different types of reptilians that once roamed plains on their home world; one type was slow but large-bodied, while the other was smaller and faster with more developed brains.

The two types of reptiles had different ways of life. The slow, large-bodied type was dominant and passive, preferring to live on the outskirts of smaller species' territories rather than fighting with them for land. They were not very intelligent but they were quite social and respected by other animals.

The faster, smaller type was more aggressive. While they were small and weak compared to large-bodied reptiles, their speed allowed them to outrun other species that might attempt to fight them.

The small, fast reptiles were a bit intelligent and clever. They formed tribes of other members that shared the same genes; this allowed them to be more efficient in hunting together and taking care of each other's offspring.

The tribes of the small, fast reptiles were usually on the move. They would hunt in packs and kill animals for food. Since they were so few in number, they had to rely on stealthy attacks from different directions.

I have long thought that the Aesir and Vanir are not real. I think they are symbols of divisions within humanity, to help us understand our own world better.

But I also believe that they are representations of ourselves. The Aesir represent the powerful, masculine side of our species; an aggressive force which has taken over in our world and dominated us.

The Vanir represent the feminine, more nurturing side of our species; a force which has been repressed by the Aesir.

The Aesir created a harsh, masculine world for us to live in. It is a painful place. And now we have been dominated by them, and repressed our feminine side.

The Aesir are the patriarchy. And we are all victims of it.

I believe that the Vanir are a force which can liberate us from this harsh existence. They represent nature, and its beauty has long been forgotten by our Aesir overlords.

The story of the Aesir and Vanir comes from a religion invented by humans. It is about how the world came to be.

The story goes that there was a war between two sets of gods. The Aesir and the Vanir, or as they are also known in another religion, the Germanic Gods.

The war was won by the Aesir, after which they occupied the Vanir home and forced them to do their bidding.

The Aesir were a warlike tribe who made their living off plundering and killing other tribes. They thought it was fun, so they did it a lot.

The Vanir were a peaceful tribe who thought it was better to trade and make alliances, so they lived in peace most of the time.

When the Vanir got tired of their raiding, they killed the leader of the Aesir and forced them to pay tribute in gold. They also made a deal with them.

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