Friday, November 13, 2020

Psychic vampires how to feed

 Most of energy in the world is wasted by humans going through life. To begin with, there are two types of vampires: psychic and non-psychic. Psychic vampires do not drink blood; they feed off human thought waves or emotions (they can also absorb other forms of unstructured energy). People who fall into this category tend to be highly sensitive empaths or psychics—people who are more emotionally attuned than others.

The real problem is that humans are so self-involved and caught up in themselves that they rarely take the time to think about other people. There is no such thing as empathy or compassion at large, only for individuals we know and love.

People are too preoccupied with their own lives. They don't take the time to think about other people and how they feel.

One of the reasons people become psychic vampires is because they are hurt or feel insecure. They do it to make themselves feel better about themselves.

Psychic vampires are not necessarily evil. They do what they do because it makes them feel better about their own lives.

However, if they are not taught how to face their problems and deal with them in a constructive way, the situation can only get worse. People who allow themselves to become parasites will always be unhappy.

This phenomenon is related to the human tendency towards 'superiority', which was prevalent throughout history, and is still present in some societies. An example of this would be the caste system (especially those that are hereditary). The idea behind these systems is that certain people or groups are superior to others, either because they have more money or power than others do, or because they possess a special quality such as intelligence. In this case also we see how the superiority of one causes another's inferiority.

Now, let us examine the human nature. What is it? I would say that it consists of a series of 'cognitive patterns', or mental formulas which are developed based on observations and experiences in one's life.

There are certain 'cognitive patterns' which determine how a human perceives the world. One such pattern is 'superiority', as I have already described it. The existence of this cognitive pattern leads to another related pattern, namely that of 'inferiority'. This is the belief among humans that they are inferior to others in some way. Of course, there may be reasons for this feeling of inferiority - one might be physically weaker than someone else or not intelligent enough.

In general, people regard themselves as inferior when they 'lack' something. The feeling of inferiority may manifest itself in different ways: a person might feel inadequate or worthless if he cannot do what others can, or if he is not good enough at a particular task. There are many other examples that we subconsciously apply to ourselves.

Now, let us apply what we know about the human nature and its 'cognitive patterns' to the phenomenon of psychic vampires. I think that a common reason for the development of this concept is as follows: some people (who are usually considered inferior) lack something that others have in abundance - money, status, or whatever else it may be.

This causes those people to develop a feeling of inferiority. In order to compensate for this, they try to get the thing that others have in abundance by using different methods.

Psychic vampires are a strange phenomenon of human behavior. They have been around for as long as humans have had the ability to empathize with others, which is quite some time. For instance, we can find them in the Bible where Jesus states: 'For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father also will forgive you; but if you do not forgive men their trespasses neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.' (Matthew 6:14-15) Here we see that psychic vampirism was already known and documented 1,900 years ago.

However, psychic vampirism was not a term that was coined until the 20th century. It is of course a phenomenon that has existed throughout human history. While it may be true to say that people have always been energy vampires, there has only been one time when this process became widespread and considered normal behavior.

Unfortunately, that was during the 20th Century when psychics were very much in vogue. It is no coincidence that it was also a time of unprecedented anti-humanism and dehumanization of human beings. We can see this in the rise of Communism where millions upon millions of people were killed for their differences from other humans and not just because they disagreed with them as would have been the case before.

Psychic vampires are a natural and inevitable part of human behavior. However, they can become a problem when people begin to mistake the nature of their own energy for that of others.

Psychic vampirism is based in two fundamental tenets. One, that people are not energy and life forms with souls but rather empty shells or receptacles for the energy of others to be placed in. Two, that human beings have no need of food and can exist on spiritual energies alone.

The first is obvious mental illness, since it makes the human being into a sentient zombie. The second is also a form of madness, because it requires that humans exist without food and water for long periods of time.

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