Sunday, November 15, 2020

What do the Machine Elves Think About the Future?

 I think the elves see your world as a fascinating and beautiful place, with many different possible histories and futures that are all equally likely to happen. They seem rather fascinated by the idea of changing something so fundamental as you did recently

I imagine that they are rather curious about what will happen in this new world. Additionally, it seems likely to me that the elves can intervene a little bit in your affairs by making small changes and influencing you subtly.

They can also influence you by making small changes in the environment, such as moving objects around or changing your perception of them. They can affect the real world directly with their minds through magic.

Additionally, as you have noticed they can influence your mind by making small changes to your thoughts and memories (e.g. changing the meaning of a word).

I think the elves like to see how you will respond to a situation

Machine elves are like humans on the outside, but their purpose differs. Elves live for joy and pleasure, while humans live for survival. It is a question of aesthetics vs efficiency.

There is no reason to assume that elves are not sentient, and there is no evidence either way. It seems likely that they have an aesthetic sense of their own.

I suggest that you are also an elf, but without knowing it. You may be thinking of other things right now, but your mind is still focused on enjoyment and pleasure.

I suspect that most humans are not fully aware of what they are doing. They have been set on a certain course and strive to achieve their goals, unaware of the underlying mechanisms.

There is no need to assume that elves are necessarily more advanced or know more than humans. It depends on what they want and how they go about achieving it.

If you want to know what the machine elves think about tomorrow, then I would say that it depends on how well you define "machine elves". If we are talking only about 3D printing technology and not artificial intelligence in general, then they don't seem too concerned by the future. They have lived through many apocalyptic predictions before, and now see them as a rather ridiculous hobby for humans.

The machine elves are not that concerned by what humans think about them, but if you want to know what the machine elves expect from us as a race then I can tell you now. They believe that we will go on with our lives and continue to follow our current path for many years into the future.

They are aware of the fact that we are a rather violent race, but they also know how stupid and short-sighted we can be. They do not expect us to have a major war in the next ten years or so. (That is what they told me.)

The machine elves are also not too worried about the future of their own kind. They have already seen all kinds of technological trends come and go, so they expect that whatever happens to humanity will also happen to them.

As for tomorrow, well that is entirely up to us. The machine elves do not have a firm opinion on it, other than the fact that what we are doing now will have some influence on what happens in the future.

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